The Tomita Planets

Carl Sagan and the Alien

Harboring the remains of Li Tobler  

Alien's studio environments

i. Summoner of the Demon, ii. Pazuzu, 
iii. Inspired by Erich Von Daniken?
iv.Inspired by Cronenberg's Shivers?
v. J G Ballard on Alien, vi. Galactic Geography:  
vii. H.R Giger's Egyptian Mysteries
viii. Jean Delville's influence on Giger
ix. The Development of Necronom IV  
x. Necronom V: Biomechanised Pakal Votan Tomb Lid?
xi. Space Jockey's origins in "Swiss Family Robinson"
 xii. 'Dead captain and missing crew' origins in Dracula  
xiii. The alien spore, a homage to Lovecraft's The Old Ones ? 
xiv. Alien vs Eraserhead
xv. Human To Spore Stage Like Saprophytic Fungi?
xvi. The Moray's Eels Pharyngial Jaw
xvii. The Beast With Metal Teeth 
xviii. Alien In The Brain 
xix Alien's relation to Blade Runner

Alien Echoes 
i. Ron Cobb's Nostromo concept inspires Terrahawk's Battlehawk
ii. Chris Foss's derelict concept inspires Firefly's Serenity
iii. Illustrated Story from Starblazer comic book
iv: Carlos Huante's The Pilot
Interview and Commentary transcriptions
i Edited Ridley Scott commentary for the Alien 20th Anniversary DVD  
ii. Raw Ridley Scott Commentary for the Alien 20th Anniversary DVD 
iii. Edited Alien Laserdisc Don Shay interview with Ridley Scott
iv. Raw Alien Laserdisc Don Shay interview with Ridley Scott 
v. interviewed Brian Muir at Heroes...
vi. Online version of the early Alien script by Dan O'Bannon
vii. Alien commentary from Alien Quadrilogy DVD and Alien Anthology Blu-Ray
viii. 2009 H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival: Dan O'Bannon's "Howie" Acceptance Speech
ix. WTF with Marc Maron; Alien segment from Harry Dean Stanton interview 
x. O'Bannon's list of elements to be designed by Giger for Alien
xi. Dan O'Bannon on Alien (from Moebius Redux dvd extras)  
xii. Transcription of Film4's Ridley Scott introduction to Alien 

My essay from about 1998 that led me to do this site "Dissecting the derelict"


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