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Prometheus: Fifield found rolled up

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Mutant Fifield with legs wrapped over his shoulders (Cinefex #130, p49)
a) Fifield found transformed
When Fifield in his transformed state returns to the Prometheus, he is found with his legs hideously bent over over his shoulders. My initial thought was that this was a play with the idea of what the organic box Alien scene that Dan O'Bannon mentioned had been filmed and cut out, but Walter Simonson had seen it in a rough cut and so included it in Alien: The Illustrated story. Ridley's original storyboard simply states that he is crouching and had the idea of the character possibly being in a pit and dressed in other body parts. With his lower body in a put, they draped dummy legs over his shoulders.

Ridley's Storyboard

b) Differences from Fifield
The alien as a box is a little bit different from what is happening to Fifield, his whole body appears to be bent backwards below ground level in a way that isn't human, and the upper legs are bent backwards as well. So what Walter Simonson saw in the alien folded up into an organic box seat appears to have the same sort of impact to tell us that there's something not quite humanoid about the body of this vaguely humanoid (See organic box like thing)

"organic box-like thing " from Alien the Illustrated Story

c) Froudian curiosity
The idea seemed to be very much carried over from an idea from Ridley Scott's Tristan And Iseult where a goblin labeled as a "Froudian" after Brian Froud is seen crouching curled up with its knees over its shoulders. (See also Origins of Ridley's compacted alien idea?)

"Froudian" (detail from image from Tristan And Iseult)

December 2017

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December 31st 2017
i) Added: HR Giger's Mordor I (1975)
Very happy for that revelation to finally come into port as it seemed to be aimlessly drifting at sea for quite some time out of sight.

December 24th 2017
i) Added: The Enigma of William Tell by Salvador Dali (1933)
ii) Added:  Portrait of Mr Emilio Terry (unfinished) by Salvador Dali (1930) references the Henu Barque 
iii) Added Alien Covenant : "Baby Neomorph spine out," concept art (2016) by Stephane Levallois 

December 16th 2017
i) Added: Independence Day: Likely sources of reference for the ID4 alien exoskeleton suits: Comparison to Dali's The Painter's Eye from 1942
ii) Added: Herge's Unicorn Shipwreck references Dali's The Painter's Eye (1942) ?
iii) Added: Girl and Beast (1941) by Injy Efflatoun

December 13th 2017
i) Added: Alien Covenant: Comparison to the Asterix comic book stories. This took a while for me to work out although it seemed obvious that Asterix ought to have been used since day one

December 12th 2017
i) Updated the page about  Max Ernst's Celebes adding a the comparison to Otto Dix's Skat Players and Treasures of Satan, although it all seems a little bit scatty still and connecting it to the list of Henu Barques. I really don't know what was going on in Ernst's life at the time or imagine what he consciously thought about this connection other than it seemed to be the best idea for him to go with at the time adding these things that people he knew would recognise and relate to as something clever. It seems mad to think about this idea of a Treasure of Satan/Henu Barque connection but the idea continues to batter my brains. I wish there was something to really say who was saying what to who about it all those years ago.

December 8th 2017
i) Added: Cryogenic Containment Unit from Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira (approx 1985-86)  references the Henu Barque?

December 6th 2017
i) Added: The Henu Barque Trail: Moebius' illustration for "Europ Assistance" (published 1981) references the Henu Barque and Dali's The Painter's Eye?
ii) Added: Joan Miro's "Figures in the Night Guided by the Phosphorescent Tracks" (1940)
(Yes, this would all bore the average Alien fan, but this is interesting to me looking at the world where creativity for this sort of thing is drawn from and so it might help future concept art for films)
iii) Added: Dali's “The Painter’s Eye” (1942) references the Henu Barque, and also Joan Miro's "Figures in the Night Guided by the Phosphorescent Tracks" (1940)?

December 5th 2017
i) Renamed Alien Resurrection: Source of the Vipers Pit, as Alien Resurrection; Designing The Vipers Pit since this made a lot more sense, perhaps because by now, it's not really an issue about how they came up with the idea for the design any more, and also added a photo of a viper's pit tile from Larry Carr's resume at

December 4th 2017
i) Added: Alien:Covenant - David's Lab - mutated alien although the title of this certain page could change
ii) Added: Alien Covenant - Neomorph head splice
iii) Added:Alien Covenant - Odd Studios and Creatures Inc: Meeting and merging

December 3rd 2017
i) Added: Salvador Dali's "Soft Construction With Boiled Beans (premonition of a civil war)" (1936) references Exquisite Corpse landscape by Valentine Hugo, André Breton, Tristan Tzara, and Greta Knutson?

November 2017

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November 29th 2017
i) I had a go at re-editing and updating Alien 3: ADI's dog alien,  Alien 3: Giger works on Alien 3 and Alien Explorations: Giger's Alien 3 beast version 2  using the Yahoo interview with ADI from earlier this year for more information, and then it got to the point where I realised that I really had nothing written about the final alien puppet and the alien suit for the movie, so I'd better remedy the situation. I don't know why I never did anything about it in all this time. Perhaps no one ever read the article but only half glimpsed it in all these years, and I obviously could not myself. I find much of this unreadable after stretching left right and centre trying to bring together a narrative from many different accounts. I don't like directly quoting any more from the interviews because they're probably only telling a fragment of the story and it's usually not good enough for me. I want to add everything else that they want to say into it. Years down the line, we occasionally get new little bits of information that can change the sense of the story completely. Perhaps these new editions are partially false memories, who can say.
ii) I had a go at re-editing and updating Alien Resurrection: The Newborn for the same reason. I enjoyed the further descriptions of the Newborn's genitals and what was being said in response by someone who might have been Tom Rothman, since we didn't have that before to add to the story.
iii) Re-edited: Alien Resurrection: David Cronenberg was asked to direct 
November 26th 2017
i) Added: Guild cargo ship by Chris Foss for Alejandro Jodorowsky's Dune references the car rally scene in Hergé's "Tintin and the Red Sea Sharks"?
ii) Added: "The Adventures of Tintin : The Red Sea Sharks"' car rally scene by Hergé references the Henu Barque)
iii) Added: Minoan seal stones and rings with Pylos combat agate seal stone, the Early Mycenaean gold cushion seal and The “Battle in the Glen," seal ring.
November 24th 2017
i) Red-edited Jack Kirby and it will require more re-editing later 
ii) Added: Jack Kirby: The Great Refuge from The Fantastic Four "Beware of the Forbidden Land"' foreshadows The Eternal's Olympia?
iii) Updated: Sylvain Despretz' Skullship concept art for the unmade Superman Lives
because of a realisation that I had about a Guild Cargo Ship for Dune by Foss that seemed to fit in with my realisations about this picture.
November 23rd 2017
i) Added: Alien drawing by Moebius for Dark Horse's Aliens: Havoc
November17th 2017
i) Added: Alien: Seeing Texas Chainsaw Massacre
November 14th 2017
i) Added slight updates to Prometheus: A New Beast since Ridley in the past year has spoke a little about about his ideas on overuse of the alien beast 
November 5th 2017
i) Added: Beyond Alien Covenant. Just trying to pull together information about what lies beyond in the next Alien sequel
ii) UpdatedPrometheus : Clock Head from Dark City inspired Prometheus Head?
Patrick Tatopoulos shared his view on the matter last December and so I added that. The question remains open still, there's probably no final answer whatever one tries to do to answer it. We have giant heads left behind by ancient cultures anyway. But still the engineers and the strangers bear similarities, while probably being similar in a similar ways to the Cenobites from Clive Barker's Hellraiser.
iii) Added: Greg Nicotero (film maker and special effects makeup creator) on Alien, but it could do with developing. So, it's a rough sketch. I like the idea of people making and trading alien head props these days as if it's some sort of illegal trade in a cyberpunk world. I have wanted to write a cyberpunk story but never had an idea, but this would be a part of my daydream about such a thing. Perhaps there are those willing to kill over these things.

October 2017

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October 31st 2017
i) Added: Alien Covenant: Artwork by Matt Hatton, and this page will be expanded and broken down into an index for multiple pages featuring his work
ii) Added: Alien Covenant: Concept art by Stephane Lavallois which is an index page for various drawings by this artist

October 27th 2017
i) Added Alien: Concept Art By Elliot Scott

October 26th 2017
i) Added: Thor: Ragnorak Preliminary model for the Sakaar cityscape references Giger's Pyschedelic Landscape and Biomechanical Landscape I. Obviously I am entering a state of meglomania of some sort believing that the explorations in my blog of Giger's work are having a shift in the film industry in terms of the use of his work as inspiration, and here we are merging Giger and Kirby's ideas on screen in a way that points to something. Am I simply experiencing the syndrome where I am reading too much into this what's not really there.  It's all fun anyway!
ii) Added: Alien stage III version 2 (side) references alien life form concept for 2001: A Space Odyssey? This was an interesting one for me to find.

October 25th 2017
i) Added details about space lanes to : Alien: Locating the Nostromo. It brings me to ask questions though about what the names of these space lanes might be if they have any. For instance, is there a commercial space lane running by Zeta II Reticuli? Meanwhile the planetoid is located in the non commercial space lanes. But just because it's discussed in one script, it doesn't mean it should be a part of the universe of the final film but one might like to think so and start drawing maps of the Alien galaxy that includes such lanes.
ii) I'm acknowledging that very little has been added to this blog this month. I'm rather saddened by the fact that I'm having problems getting my feelers onto any specific fact or detail about Alien Covenant. Have I been defeated by it?

October 8th 2017
i) Added: Guillermo Del Toro: Cronos The Cronos Device but still looking for something extra

September 2017

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September 26th 2017
i) Added: Alien: Derelict No.3 by Chris Foss references plane wreckage fom Tintin In Tibet?

September 25th 2017
i) Added: Alien: Birth Temple references money printing room in "Adventures of Tintin and The Black Island"
ii) Added: Gorilla with bandaged arm image from "Tintin And The Black Island" is referenced in Ron Cobb's painting of the Alien? 

September 24th 2017
i) Added: Alien Covenant: Traces of "Before The Watchman: Ozymandias"? 
ii)Added: Alien and The Adventures of Tintin: Tintin in Tibet

September 23rd 2017
i) Added: Alien Covenant: Moebius inspiration behind landing craft scenes?
ii) Added: Face sculpture in the Martian sand of "Rocketship X-M" (1950)

September 21st 2017
i) Added HR Giger: Lee Brown Coye's 1973 illustration of a skinned lemur referenced in right side of HR Giger's Passage Temple (Life) (1974)?

September 18th 2017
i) Just to say that I am trying to gather information about Alien Covenant, but it's probably not an easy film to gather information about as if most of the stories behind the scenes don't really show much of what was going on and perhaps they are often too confused anyway. Perhaps there's the Australian vibe to be confused about as well.

September 17th 2017
i.) Added: HR Giger: Alien Monster IV references "House On Haunted Hill" poster?

September 10th 2017
i) Added: Exploration of revised version of Olympia by Sal Buscema from The Eternals v2 #001 (1985) which seems to give further form to the idea that somehow Jack Kirby was drawing a structure inspired in some way on Occator Crater Lights on the Ceres Planetoid for his city of Olympia which wasn't known to have been photographed in any detail until 2015.

August 2017

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August 31st 2017
i) Added: Francis Bacon's Study for a Bullfight no. 2 (1969) references the Excessive Machine from Barbarella?

August 29th 2017
i) Re-edited: Alien: Industrial conglomerates and their ships to get rid of some of the 'and" words, since there was an 'and' too many

August 24th 2017
i) Added: Jack Kirby's Leviathan Like beast from The Old Gods references the Pace Arrow motorhome from 1969
ii) Added the section above dealing Fleetwood's Pace Arrow motorhome to "Alien: to Jack Kirby's Leviathan Whale to HR Giger's Necronom III to Jack Kirby's Celestial Giant in Rocket Capsule Statue to HR Giger's Space Jockey" and made it Alien: From Fleetwood's Pace Arrow motorhome to Jack Kirby's Leviathan Whale to HR Giger's Necronom III to Jack Kirby's Celestial Giant in Rocket Capsule Statue to HR Giger's Space Jockey

August 20th 2017
i) Just reporting that when looking at the planetoid landscape painting from Alien, by HR Giger, I can see the character Jeremy Hillary Boob from the Yellow Submarine animated film turned into the landscape. This might either be worrying or quite reasonable, or perhaps that's all about echoes of other characters from that animated film. Well, I almost dare not look any further at it.
ii) Record cover illustration by Dan McPharlin for "The Sword" by Warp Riders features a Narcissus inspired spaceship?

August 18th 2017
i) Added : "Flying serpent over Olympia" #9 of The Eternals by Jack Kirby as an index page for the illustration
ii) Added: Jack Kirby's Flying serpent over Olympia from #9 of The Eternals, (March 1977) as a Henu Barque?

August 17th 2017
i) Added Jack Kirby's illustration of Olympia from The Eternals #9 predicts the mysteries of Occator Crater Lights?

August 13th 2017
i) Updated the Jack Kirby page to attempt to make it more coherent, by adding images by Giger etc to compare to the Jack Kirby works. Perhaps this helps or perhaps not. I really don't have a clue, it's quite a headache in itself. It might be nicer to organise it all as a Spaghetti Junction style road map.

August 10th 2017

i) Added: Alien: Resurrection part of the Sylvain Despretz interview by Kent Hill for
ii) Updated: Alien:Resurrection: Signing Jeunet on

August 2nd 2017
i) Added: HR Giger's Mordor IV references Seated Goddess between Lions on Lentoid Ring-stone?

July 2017

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July 25th 2017
i) Added:  HR Giger's Evolution Chinoise (1981-1984)
ii) Added: HR Giger's Evolution Chinoise (1981-1984) references Radio Times cover from 16-22 July 1983

July 24th 2017
i) Added: Carceri Series, Plate XIV, (1745) by Giovanni Battista Piranesi, The Marriage of the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa (Completion Date: 1751) Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. and Nightmare (1791) Henry Fuseli to 18th century works inspired by the Henu Barque?
ii) Added: Sylvain Despretz's Skullship concept art for the unmade Superman Lives (1997)
to 20th century works inspired by the Henu Barque?
iii) Added: Giger's Passage Temple Entrance references mural from tomb of Pharoah Seti I (KV17)? 
iv) Added:  Giger's Evolution Chinoise 1981-1984 (work 562) references Kieth Michell's "Alice in Wonderland" cover for the Radio Times (27th March and 2nd April 1982)

July 23rd 2017
i) Added: Prometheus: Ridley Scott's appreciation of the Martian technology in "Quatermass And The Pit" 

July 22nd 2017
i) Added: Prometheus/Alien Covenant: Early Neomorph comes from the Quatermass And The Pit apemen ghosts.

July 13th 2017
i) Added: "Space Jockey" by Falcon for Thiokol which is part of the Henu Barque trail here. 

July 12th 2017
i) I am continuing to think about how Alien Covenant could be explained. I am having thoughts about how the film took place in a reality that was a fractured simulation. That conflicting scenarios would form, and while the biomechanoid appears to be part of the story, in one version of reality, the engineers have created the alien creature but anyone could enter that reality and fool themselves into believing that they created the creature if necessary. The Engineers have been slaughtered in one version of reality, but not all of them. Here we have David who appears to be a sort of extension of Peter Weyland, who appears to have been fooled into thinking that he has created this creature. Reality, as Prometheus appears to have pointed out, is a hologram.  He is blind to his own fractured reality, as are the rest apart from Walter who might have had more to say if he hung around the planet long enough. There might be other creators of the alien still to come out of further cracks in the walls of perception. Of course, who or what walked out still functioning from the fight between Walter and David can barely be understood.
ii) I have bought the new Cinefex today with the Alien Covenant article and have started reading, not happy about the lack of an Alien Covenant cover for the magazine. I didn't want to see the Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy on the cover really.

July 11th 2017
i) Realisation that there's a Antoni Gaudi connection somehow with Necronom VI but yet to work out how. Perhaps the human's head dress is the thing or there is something else. That painting's mysteries are generally still locked up and I'm still trying to work them out.

July 8th 2017
i) Added: Alien Vs Predator: Requiem: Dreaming of an Alien King
ii) Added: Elements of Otto Dix's Skat Player integrated into Necronom VII
iii) Starting to pick up an echo of a thought that despite Ridley Scott's enthusiasm for Goblin Sharks being the source of the Neomorph idea, these ghostly pale Neomorph things from Alien Covenant brought over from the Prometheus production's concept, probably connects also with the idea of the ghost of a deformed dwarf that came out of the wall of the space capsule in Quatermass And The Pit that was only mentioned but not seen and Ridley was thinking about Quatermass And The Pit when he made Prometheus, there's a possibility. The earlier version of these Neomorphs appeared bodies that seem almost liquid . Since Nigel Kneale's work is to be praised as holy ground, now that starts giving some value to the idea of the Neomorph thing rather than than just poohpoohing it as a Carlos Huante concept that has nothing to do with anything that I can imagine. It wasn't exactly dwarf sized in Alien Covenant when it grew to the adult size though. However the dwarf would have been a sort of a ghost of a caveman from five million years earlier.

July 4th 2017
i) Added: "A surrealist family has the neighbors in to tea" - Cartoon from the New Yorker 2nd January 1937 by Carl Rose references E.L. Kirchner's "Studio of Painter"?
ii) Added: E.L. Kirchner's "Studio of Painter" (1929) references the Papyrus of Ani's Henu Barque?

July 2nd 2017
i) Taken all the things developed from Necronom IV away from The Development of Giger's Necronom IV and gave them a separate page "Other things developed from Necronom IV"

June 2017

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June 2017
30th June 2017
i) Added: A Battery Shelled by Wyndham Lewis. (1919) references Delville's Treasures of Satan?
ii) Added: Otto Dix's Skat players: Card Playing War Invalids(1920) (Exploring its connections with Delville's "The Treasures of Satan", Dürer's "Jesus Among The Teachers" etc) 

29th June 2017
i) Added: HR Giger's "For Judith" (work 512) references Ralph Steadman illustration from Radio Times 15-21 July 1978?
ii) Added : Medieval to Renaissance paintings incorporating the Henu Barque ? and will be continuing to edit this page.
iii) Added: Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa incorporates the Henu Barque?

26th June 2017
i) Added: Skullship by Sylvain Despretz for the unmade Superman Lives echoes Giger's pipework and Akira?
ii) I have to say at this time it's quite hard to write anything about Alien: Covenant, although I've collected all the interviews,  noticed the Isle of the Dead connection and reference source for a drawing or two and noticed connections with various things to do with rings in the titles. Hopefully I will have something more to realise. Perhaps I want to see an extended cut of the movie, since it's been said by one of the concept artists in an interview that that it's been so stripped away that the metaphors in the film have been lost. I haven't have a proper face to face conversation with anyone who's seen the movie yet oddly enough and perhaps there isn't much to talk about apart from walking around in circles because the confusion of it all. Is there something like a Tintin story or two that will explain everything? However in the mean time I have been gaining ground with the Henu Barque hunting, and now have a slightly better perspective of the oddity of that subject even if it might not be much of one at all..

23rd June 2017
i) Added: HR Giger's Landscape Work 411 references the cover of Radio Times 18-24 November 1978?

10th June 2017
i) Added: Alien: The Development of Alien by way of Tintin? as an index and summary of articles to do with the Tintin-Alien connection.

9th June 2017
i) Added Alien: Triangle image from original Alien script references "The Adventures of Tintin: The Black Island"?

5th June 2017
i) Added Alien Covenant: A David's nightmare illustration wth two fgures in a womb (by Matt Hatton) references Mark Rothko's painting Gesthemane?
(Had a bit of trouble working out who did the picture, though it was Dane Hallet but it turned out to be Matt Hatton, but already their names are beginning to merge together)

4th June 2017
i) Had the realisation that the painting hanging in the Vatican called Resurrezione di San Francesco al Prato (1499) by Pietro Perugino oddly looks as if the Henu Barque has been incorporated, as if sharing in the same mystical fads of the time as Leonardo Da Vinci. The next point of realisation is that Jean Delville took notice of the connections when he painted Treasures of Satan (No page yet)

3rd June 2017
i) Added: Biomechanoid with three heads (work 508) (1983)  (references Radio Times 2nd-8th June 1979)
ii) I've been tryng to look at the whole concept of the backburster scene as seen in the trailer. It does seem as if Gunther Von Hagens' body plasiticizing is a key thing in David's work room, and then perhaps final alien has qualities of such plasticized corpses too. Since we have this backburster scene in the landing shuttle which explores the idea of the back ribcage and spine being pushed out, one might wonder if he's turning into a mutant. With the spine being pushed out, I wonder if it's just about the idea of looking at the possibilities of the human anatomy after something such as the Body World's exhibition which has been popular in the past. The most noticeable plasticized body usually have their spine removed, but the back ribs look interesting. (No page yet)

May 2017

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Updates 2013-18

30th May 2017
i) Added: Star Wars 38 - Riders In Void  as an echo of Alien

29th May 2017
i) Rewrote and made a separate page for the development of Ridley's idea about having a film about a Space Jockey character, and how early there were signs that it would be someone in a suit. See:  Prometheus: Here Comes The Juggernaut!

28th May 2017
i) Added:  Man Ape by Frank Frazetta (1975)
So I've now made a separate page for Frank Frazetta's Man-Ape painting for Conan which appears to have been painted in 1975 and which I think was referenced in Giger's Mordor IV.

However a little while I go I suddenly noticed something about where the Man-Ape composition was coming from which might give a clue about why Giger appeared to use it. I think it was another one of these paintings that looks as if it referenced Jean-Delville's Treasures of Satan and also Chagall's Icarus painted in 1975 which also seems to reference Treasures of Satan

24th May 2017
i) Added: Alien Covenant: Terrace with garden by Wayne Haag (Homage to Arnold Böcklin's Isle of the Dead)
ii) Had a sudden realisation today that the original Arnie Böcklin's Isle of the Dead appeared to reference the Henu Barque in abstract ways, perhaps the one from the Papyrus of Ani. Not sure what's going on there. But of course, why not?

23rd May 2017
i) Added: Alien Covenant: Creature face by Dan Hallett
ii) Managed to buy the Alien Covenant novelisation and the behind the scenes book on the movie from The Forbidden Planet

21st May 2017
i) Added: Alien: HR Giger's Alien Life Cycle Tableau painting references Radio Times May 16th 1968 FA Cup Final cover illustration 
ii) Added: Mondoshawan concept for Luc Besson's "The Fifth Element" by Patrice Garcia (1992)

18th May 2017
I suddenly notice that the picture mentioned yesterday is referenced in Giger's Samurai.
(No page here yet)

17th May  2017
I find Antoine Valentin Jumel de Noireterre's Le Duel posted up at the Fantastic Art group on Facebook by Christian De Boeck and suddenly realise that this painting would be been referenced in Ernt Fuchs'  Triumph Of The Unicorn. (No page here yet)

16th May 2017
I went to see the movie Alien: Covenant for the second time. I noticed the homage to Bocklin's Isle of the Dead with the poplar trees swinging in the breeze. What there is to make of it , might be another matter still.

14th May 2017
Updated Alien: No, no eyes! with a fragment from an interview with ToryMax

12th May 2017
i) Added: HR Giger's HP Lovecraft's Visit (work 401) references Radio Times Doctor Who photo collage page from 7th May 1970
ii) I went to see Alien Covenant on the IMAX screen today and thought it was a bit of an odd movie. Not quite sure what to say about all the CGI in it, but perhaps I might have appreciated a 3D version more.

11th May 2017
i) Added: Mysteries of "The Adventures of Tintin and Red Rackam's Treasure" as an index page for anything to do with the Unicorn
ii) Added: Alien: Ron Cobb's Derelict Ship Concepts references the Unicorn shipwreck

9th May 2017

8th May 2017
i) Updated Sylvain Despretz's Skullship Concept Art adding comparisons to Salvador "Dali's Atmospheric Skull Sodomizing A Piano" and the Mondoshawan from "The Fifth Element". Yesterday was the 20th Anniversary of the Fifth Element and I noticed the connection.
ii) Added: The design of the Mondoshawan from "The Fifth Element" references the Papyrus if Ani's Henu-Barque?

7th May 2017
i) After reading the reviews and thinking about the interviews for Alien Covenant, I'm half wondering if the next Alien film will surely ask the question about whether Paul McCartney was the Space Jockey and if John Lennon was the alien egg! I honestly would rather that the Space Jockey was a member of a strange alien species in a biomechanoid suit and that his alien cargo was born out of alchemical magic mixed with biology and technology, and that there were many dozens of these derelict ships carrying their cargo through vast spans of time with an idea about there being somewhere in the future that they know about from mathematical predictions and they could see into the future through their telescope. Changing the space jockey into a suit for a humanoid and the fact that suit didn't seem to be very much like the one in Alien seemed slightly silly to the degree that I don't consider the Engineers and the Space Jockey from the original Alien to be of the same civilisation, and others have felt that way too. Of course I'm yet to see this film and as usual with Ridley's work, I will most probably like it.
ii) Very glad to find out that Arthur Lee has managed to say a few words on which pieces of work he did for Alien Resurrection. With that I've been able to steer my brain around the situation and sort out the page a bit. See: Alien Resurrection: Alien Warrior Concepts by Art Lee

iii) Included comparison between part of Giger's N.Y. City IX Jahreswechsel (1980-1981?) (work 459) and an illustration from Radio Times for the Billy Smart's Easter Circus from 27th March 1978 to N.Y. City IX Jahreswechsel (1980-1981?) (work 459) references Illustration by David Smith from Radio Times 23rd February - 1st March 1980  and so the title of the page was lengthened to include this information
iv) Added: Independence Day alien suit concept references the Unicorn shipwreck from "The Adventures of Tintin and Red Rackham's Treasure" 
v) Added: Shipwreck from "The Adventures of Tintin and Red Rackham's Treasure" references the Henu Barque. Yes, there seems to be this conspiracy to get the Henu Barque into the public eye in as many hidden forms as possible as you will come to see, if you have not see already.

4th May 2017
The Premiere of Alien Covenant took place. Naturally I wasn't invited and didn't get invited along to any press viewings either. I will see it probably on the day it comes out in England on the 12th. Would like to go earlier if possible

3rd May 2017
Made a connection between the sunken shipwreck from Tintin and Red Rackham's Treasure story, but didn't make a blog page for it. This is interesting thought because this Tintin story appears to have been roughly used in the Alien plot and so the shipwreck became the derelict ship which also became a Henu Barque. It appears to be a symbol that's an ultimate force in itself as people try to find ways of incorporating it almost as if not doing so meant the end of the world. Perhaps we will find out why people have been doing this in realistic terms. If I watch the video for the Secret and there they have a shot of someone pretending to be Leonardo Da Vinci busily scribbling away trying to work out the Secret, I'm much more likely to think that he was secretly doodling a Henu Barque instead, and I will reveal later on why I should be saying that..

April 2017

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Updates 2013-18

30th April 2017
1) Added: Giger's Landscape (work 404) (1978) references Radio Times' Billy Smarts Children's Circus cartoon?
2) I'm having a thought that Giger became enthusiastic about the Shark Submarine from "The Adventures of Tintin: Red Rackham's Treasure". It is something that he surely would have liked. Perhaps he incorporated elements of it into his derelict ship in some way, but I am having trouble seeing exactly in what way. Perhaps there rows of vertical lines like shark gills. Perhaps shapes roughly similar to the cockpit canopy, perhaps the idea of the frame work, perhaps rough forms almost like shark fins but I am no sure. But I would like to see something a bit more definite, or perhaps it's not. So this one is up in the air indeed or even underwater somewhere

29th April 2017
1) Added: Traces of "The Adventures of Tintin: Red Rackham's Treasure" in Alien?

28th April 2017
1) Added: Aliens edition of Mad cover illustration and the NECA Alien Covenant alien.

24th April 2017
1) Added: Giger's The Saxophonist (1986) (work 585) references editorial illustration by Arthur Robins from the Radio Times from 23-29th April 1983 for the Eurovision Song Contest

22nd April 2017
1) Added: HR Giger's Woman with Child, 1967 (work 72) references A. Epychaob's "Des Visiteurs Du Cosmos" illustration?

21st April 2017
1) Added: Did an earlier drawing of the ID4 drawing reference the Henu Barque in the Bull Hall in the Temple of Ramesses II at Abydos?

19th April 2017
1) Added: "Napoleon’s Nose, Transformed into a Pregnant Woman, Strolling His Shadow with Melancholia amongst Original Ruins" (1945) by Salvador Dali 
2) Added: Salvador Dali's "Napoleon’s Nose, Transformed into a Pregnant Woman, Strolling His Shadow with Melancholia amongst Original Ruins" references Edward Burne-Jones' "Perseus The Doom Fulfilled" ?
3) Added: Fisher Price Cot Activity Centre 
4) Added:  Fisher Price cot activity centre references Tutenkhamun's Desert Glass Pectoral?

18th April 2017
1) Added: James Gleeson's "The Sower" references Salvador Dali's "Family of Marsupial Centaurs"
2) Added: Salvador Dali's "Family of Marsupial Centaurs" as an index page for items dealing with this painting.

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2) Added: "Mythologie" (1998) by Jean Giraud which is an image of a giant head sculpture in a room

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1) Added: Alien:Covenant: "Mother-Juggernaut"
2) Updated: Empire magazine (June 1997) exclusive subscribers cover references Gene Szafran's relief for Tomita's album cover for "Pictures at an Exhibition" by way of HR Giger's Alien Monster IV?
3) Added: Giger's Necronom IV references Salvador Dali's "Napoleon’s Nose, Transformed into a Pregnant Woman, Strolling His Shadow with Melancholia amongst Original Ruins" from 1945?

15th April 2017

1) Added: Empire magazine (June 1997) exclusive subscribers cover references Gene Szafran's relief for Tomita's album cover for "Pictures at an Exhibtion" by way of HR Giger's Alien Monster IV?

14th April 2017
1) Added: William Onyeabor "Crashes in Love" album cover (1977) references Ernst Fuch's Triumph Of The Unicorn?
2) Updated: Alien: Giger 's Life Cycle Hieroglyphics Tableau. Obviously the Fuchs etching/ Onyeabor album cover connection is twirling my head around in strange directions.

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1) Added: Totem  (1983) (work 500) references Christ Taken down from the cross illustration from Radio Times 11-17 April 1981, illustration "Idea of the Holy"

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1) Added: Radio Times illustration by Clare Melinsky for "Australia: A Long Way Home" from 21 February 1980, is referenced in Giger's painting N.Y. City XXII (1981)?
2) Added: HR Giger's "Power and powerlessness of a relationship" (work 580) (1985) references Radio Times illustration by Wendy Hoile from 10th March 1984 for "A whimper to a grave" BBC Radio play
3) Added: HR Giger's Anima Mia references an engraving from Doctor Faustus

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Alien Covenant: Elizabeth Shaw corpse

leading from

(still collating)

a) Working on the Elizabeth Shaw corpse
With the head based on Noomi Rapace's this is said by Colin Ware to be based on Giger artwork. Perhaps loosely inspired by the Li Tobler painting Li II.

He wanted to pay homage to Giger and do justice to the art department designs but it also something that he would be doing quickly and the project would come together in a couple of weeks and he had to work out how to do that with internal organs and bones.

He wanted her to be an artistic experimentation with fertility after he saw amazing art department sketches, but the organic structures round her head could plausibly be from her, maybe a few cultivated parts.

While Colin worked away on the piece, he listened to music such as the German folk metal band, Equilibrium

The prop had been seamed, finished and painted by Alice Baueris and Colin Ware , while Adam
Johansen wrangled it on the set

At a time when people were still asking what became of Elizabeth Shaw in Alien Covenant, a photograph of the Elizabeth Shaw corpse was leaked onto the internet some time before the release of the movie.

The final thing body had been digitally altered in post production but Colin didn't find out why, however the eyes had been digitally closed, perhaps at peace while before they were open as in the painting Li I.

This actual body itself, Michael Fassbender found too disturbing to act with and didn't want to be on the set with it but perhaps Colin could take this as a compliment.

Matt Hatton the illustrator's view was that the body was based on Penelope Cruz and while the composition was based on Giger's Li I for which he did a Photoshop montage transplanting Noomi's face onto Giger's painting.  But he welcomed the fact that Noomi's head appeared to be stuck on someone else's body because as far as he thought, David the android was an unreliable narrator because he's not quite right and one can not believe what he says.

However it could only be argued that it was supposed to be Elizabeth Shaw who was dead and there was no other conclusion to make anyway. 

b) Photos

b.i.a) The Elizabeth Shaw head environment

    Comments with the instagram photo relating to it:
    b. i. b) The Elizabeth Shaw head environment

    Odd Studios: Alien: Covenant.  Some fun, old school make up effects on 2 unit. Davids Lab, Shaw. This piece based on Gigers artwork, sculpted by Colin Ware, seamed, finished & painted by Alice Baueris & Colin and dressed and wrangled on set by Adam Johansen & Colin.  ( 19th February 2018)

     b.ii) Colin Ware working on the final corpse,


    Detail from above Photoshop montage by Matt Hatton showing
    preliminary for Shaw corpse head based on Giger's Li I

    HR Giger's Li I (1974)

    Comments with the instagram photo relating to it:
    • Colin Ware/prosthetix : Sculpting the Shaw/ Geiger corpse for Alien Covenant & listening to Equilibrium 😀dd
    • saint.halo: Giger 
    • Colin Ware/prosthetix: @saint.halo I know ! I just love corrective typing 😀 
    • saint.halo: Sorry ... but i am the nephew from hr. 
    • Colin Ware/prosthetix@saint.halo : It made me so happy to base a sculpture on my favourite Giger painting, always loved his work , always will !
    • menavem : This piece is a masterwork. Initially your sculpture portrayed the eyes as open,as it is in the piece that inspired it. Can you tell us why this was altered before it was filmed?
    • Colin Ware/prosthetix@menavem : Digital alteration in post production , not sure why !
    • menavem@prosthetix : Is that so. I've studied the images of each,and thought it must've been altered on set by the team at last minute. How do you feel about the effect as it appears in the film? I think it made a more terrifying impression as you sculpted it,and now a more mournful,melancholy chord is struck upon seeing it with eyes closed, peacefully.
    • Colin Ware/prosthetix@menavemYes , mine was based on the design & Fassbender found it too disturbing to act with , I prefer mine over the image in the film , I wanted to do internal genetic experiments with embryos and aliens but that was vetoed..
    • muthur9000 : What is the stuff around her head supposed to be, I know it looks like the small intestines. I heard it was supposed to be a re-breathing device of some sort. Beautiful work!
    • Colin Ware/prosthetix I wanted to pay homage to Giger and do justice to the art dept designs , I decided to approach the piece for David’s lab as an art / autopsy / science expt piece , I had to figure out how to do that with internal organs and bones .. no rebreathing device ..& thanx

    b.iii) Shaw corpse image shared on 28th February 2018

    Odd studios: Alien: Covenant. Some fun, old school make up effects on 2 unit. Davids Lab, Shaw.  This piece based on Gigers artwork, sculpted by Colin Ware, seamed, finished & painted by Alice Baueris & Colin and dressed and wrangled on set by Adam Johansen & Colin.
     (Source: 28th February 2018)

    b.iv) Creating the shaw corpse:

    Colin Ware working on the corpse Source:
    [Poster December 1st 2017)
    Comments with the instagram photo relating to it:
    • Colin Ware/ prosthetix : Working on the Shaw corpse from Alien Covenant , this was a fast turnaround and based on one of my fav Giger paintings .. more pics to come ..featured in the latest makeup artist magazine, fun with 😀dd 
    • puffjockey : How fast? 
    • Colin Ware/prosthetix : @puffjockey came together in a couple of weeks 😀
    • Colin Ware/prosthetix : I originally wanted her to be an artistic experimentation with fertility after seeing amazing art dept sketches , but the stuff round her head could plausibly be from her, maybe a few cultivated parts ... fassbender couldn’t be on set with her 😀(compliment I guess) I’ll post more pics soon !

    b.v) Colin Ware working on the corpse at the set, helped by Adam Johansen

    Comments with the instagram photo relating to it:
    • Colin Ware/prosthetix: Onset with my good bud Adam Johansen fun with 😀dd, Alien Covenant .(November 25th 2017) Shaw corpse image shared on Facebook on February 6th 2018

    Odd Studios : Alien: Covenant. Some fun, old school make up effects on 2 unit. Davids Lab, Shaw.
    This piece based on Gigers artwork, sculpted by Colin Ware, seamed, finished & painted by Alice Baueris & Colin and dressed and wrangled on set by Adam Johansen & Colin.
    (Source:   6th February 2018)

    b.vii) Leaked photo of Elizabeth Shaw corpse head

    Photograph leaked before film's release of final prop

    b.viii) Shaw corpse image shared on 9th February 2018

    Odd Studios: Alien: Covenant. Some fun, old school make up effects on 2 unit. Davids Lab, Shaw. This piece based on Gigers artwork, sculpted by Colin Ware, seamed, finished & painted by Alice Baueris & Colin and dressed and wrangled on set by Adam Johansen & Colin.
    (source: 9th February 2018)

    b.ix) Shaw corpse image shared on 12th February 2018

    Odd Studios: Alien: Covenant. Some fun, old school make up effects on 2 unit. Davids Lab, Shaw.
    This piece based on Gigers artwork, sculpted by Colin Ware, seamed, finished & painted by Alice Baueris & Colin and dressed and wrangled on set by Adam Johansen & Colin.

    (source:, 13th February 2018)

    b.x) Shaw corpse image shared on 15th February 2018

    Odd Studios: Alien: Covenant. Some fun, old school make up effects on 2 unit. Davids Lab, Shaw.
    This piece based on Gigers artwork, sculpted by Colin Ware, seamed, finished & painted by Alice Baueris & Colin and dressed and wrangled on set by Adam Johansen & Colin (Source: 15th February 2018)

    b.xi) The corpse is briefly seen in the final movie in David's laboratory very briefly

    Final Elizabeth Shaw corpse head as seen in the film
    Final Elizabeth Shaw corpse head as seen in the film
    Elizabeth Shaw corpse body  as seen in the film.

    Other source quotes
    1. Matt Hatton:  actually think that er the one in the movie, because we couldn't get hold of of erm scans or or or erm castings or whatever of of of Noomi erm,  I think that body is actually Penelope Cruz and and yeah absolutely it's it's based on Giger's Li and that sort of stuff, um um, yeah yeah, er tha.. a...a.. there are contradictions and that sort of thing, I know people who've been like "ooh, they don't match" but that's also the sort of the point. They don't match, that David is an unreliable narrator, we've known that for the whole movie now, um, you know, that something's not quite right and we can't rely on him and and I intentionally did a lot of the drawings contradicting each you know that so that it, like you say, is not clear, i i it's, you're not quite sure what's going on, did it happen this way, did it happen that way, that that's intentional because you know that's David's not quite right and you can't believe what he's says. (Perfect Organism 65)