The 'Pakal Votan' tomb lid

8. See: Referenced in Giger's Necronom V (1976)

9.See: Referenced in Jack Kirby's The Eternals (1976)

10.See: Referenced in HR Giger's Erotomechanics VII (1979) 

11: See: Referenced in Giger's "ZDF" (1980)

12. See: Moebius inspired by HR Giger's Erotomechanics VII ? (Published 1999)

13. Mayan Rocket Man mural (Brazil, 2010?) (Source )

14. See: Ancient Aliens enthusiasts transform tomb lid image into a rocket ship?

15. See: Transformed into Mayan Space Jockey for Prometheus released April 11th, 2012

16. See: David Rubin's concept art for Alex De La Iglesia's El Santo, (Cancelled in 2017)


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  1. I've put the 'Pakal Votan' name in commas. It's the name commonly associated with the person in the tomb lid even if it isn't correct to add 'Votan' to the name. I'm not really someone who gets to discuss the matter anyway apart from vague thoughts about it might or might not relate to Von Daniken's theories. Perhaps calling this person Pacal Votan might just be as relevant as Walt Disney giving the name 'Mickey Mouse' to his most important cartoon character.