Cover from The Pink Panther #11 references Salvador Dali's Nefertiti?

a)  Cover from The Pink Panther #11

The Pink Panther #11
(March 1973)

b)  Nefertiti (1972) by Salvador Dali.
Salvador Dali supplied this illustration for a biography on his himself by Ramon Gómez de la Serna.

"Nefertiti" by Salvador Dali, 1972
(AKA by some Alien fans as "The dAlien")

b.i)  The eye socket becomes the space between the jaw and the neck of the Pink Panther, while perhaps the front of the face becomes the upper arm of the while the chin becomes his elbow and the line of lower jaw becomes the lower arm.

b.ii) The breasts become the corner of the magazine that the Pink Panther is reading

b.iii) The knees become the bent tail of the Pink Panther

b.iv) The spines on the back becomes the pages of the magazine that the Inspector is reading

c) Referenced in Giger's Necronom IV


The cover of this Pink Panther and might have inspired Giger very generally, with the idea of the character's body mimicking technology such as his tail becoming like the shooting stick seat that Inspector Clouseau sits upon

Perhaps one can look at this image as a variation on the idea of Dali's crutches.

We can look at a curious image from 1972 that Dali drew that ought to have gained Giger's attention, the image of Nefertiti as a kneeling female body with a head with an extended cranium but a skull for a face, with the back of the cranium supported by a typical Dalinian crutch. 

With that it's expected that Giger would have been looking for the connections since Dali's image that I think it referenced like many Dali images would have been considered sacred  

In Giger's Necronom IV, the cupped end of the upper back spike would be the equivalent of a Dalinian crutch 

See also: Elongated Skull Apparitions by way of Dali


Necronom IV, acrylic on paper on wood, 150x100cm, 1976

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