Alien 3

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Making of Alien3
Scriptwriters and directors

f) David Fincher (to come)

The Creature department

a) Gillis and Woodruff get the job

Alien Life Forms 
b.iv) Bambi Burster from an ox
Production materials 
c) Animatronic puppet for Charles Dance being slain by the alien
g) Creature props, artwork etc

Aliens Vs Predator

See: Aliens as used in the film 


See: Grid Alien (Tom Woodruff Jr.) Creature Costume


Alien Resurrection

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Choosing a director
 Jean-Jacques Beineix was considered for director 
Marco Brambilla (mentioned in the Irish Times) 
Anthony Waller (mentioned in the Irish Times) 
Terry Gilliam was offered an Alien sequel 
Matthieu Kassovitz was considered 
Peter Jackson was asked to direct 
Danny Boyle almost directed 
Paul W Anderson almost directed 
David Cronenberg was asked to direct 
Alien beast CGI 
The Newborn skull casting hard copy (original production material)