Alien Life Cycle Hieroglyphs according to Rob Ager of "Collative Learning"

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a) Stages of the Life Cycle

Rob Ager decided that the triangular form represented a pyramid and that the painting showed a series of stages of the alien's life cyle moving.

Alien Life Cycle Hieroglyphics (1978) by HR Giger


b) Sky goddess as a humanoid alien 

What would seem to be a biomechanised version of Nut the Sky Goddess arching over the image is a humanoid alien, with its hands and feet at the lower ends of the image.


The Alien beast bend over forwards with its head looking
down, perhaps a little like the sky goddess depictions


c) Gods as shown in Egyptian art

Not mentioning the name of Nut, he stated how he understood figure stretched across the painting was based on how gods were shown in Egyptian art.


Depiction of Nut the sky goddess as seen in Rob Ager's video,
which Getty Images things is loosely based upon one to be seen
  at an Egyptian temple at Denderah.



d) Derelict ship based upon the alien, by way of the biomechanised sky goddess

He decided that Giger had designed the external design of the derelict ship to mirror the idea of the sky goddess figure as the adult alien creature, with the hammer shaped protrusion there being similar to the full grown alien's head

The human explorers in the film Alien enter into where the stomach would be in the hieroglyphic design.

The exterior of the ship itself also looked to him like a curled up sleeping alien, or at the very least looked like a set of pincers ready to close in on its prey.


Landscape with wreck (1978) by HR Giger as seen in Rob Ager's video


  1. Rob Ager: Giger's design for the hieroglyphics didn't make it into the final cut of the final movie mimics the design of the full grown alien.

    The life cycle can be seen as a series of stages moving up the pyramid and arched over the entire thing is a humanoid alien.

    You can see its hands and feet at the lower edges of the image.

    Giger seems to have based this on how gods were sometimes shown in ancient Egyptian art, hence the pyramid symbolism too, and I think he did the same with the external design of the derelict ship.

    That hammer shaped protrusion there is similar to the full grown alien's head and the humans enter into where the stomach would be, just like in the hieroglyphic design.

    The whole thing looks like a curled up sleeping alien. At the very least it looks like a set of pincers ready to close in on its prey.

    I did hear rumours years ago that this design was based on a half eaten doughnut but and I think that's an urban myth. If you look and study the works of HR Giger, he didn't randomly design a thing like that , he usually had very specific themes in mind. So I think this is a symbolic play on the threatening size of the alien. The derelict spaceship version is near mountain sized, and going into it, these puny humans are entering into the belly of the beast
    (Alien: The Chameleon Effect

Alien 3

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i) Giger works on Alien 3
ii)  ADI's dog alien
iii)  Cocoons 

Haven't a clue about Bishop 2

 The end of Ripley?

Sigourney Weaver photographed by Helmut Newton

Production materials 

Gino Acevedos alien painting guide 

 Cpl. Dwayne Hicks's Dead Body

Pair of mummies


Sigourney Weaver plaster cast 'life mask'

Baby alien queen prop

 ¼ scale three-piece production casting of the Alien

Alien 3 Rod Puppet Maquette original production material

Dogburster hero animatronic puppet original movie prop

Dogburster Head cast original production material

Dog Burster Paint Reference Prototype Head original production material

Ox "bambi burster" head

Alien creature reference model 


Ripley's (Sigourney Weaver) prison uniform

Morse's (Danny Webb) hooded overcoat

Kevin's (Phil Davis) costume

Eric's (Niall Buggy) costume

Dillon's (Charles Dutton) costume

William's (Clive Mantle) costume 

 Arthur's (costume

Aliens Vs Predator

Alien Resurrection

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The God Light 
Nigel Phelp's Auriga "crucifix ship"
Designing the final Auriga  
Oiling the alien to death

Creature and SFX department
The Newborn
ADI's Newborn Rod Puppet
Swimming Aliens
Alien beast CGI 
The Newborn skull casting hard copy (original production material) 
The Viper Pit / Nest 
Citadel Miniatures's Plague Elemental inspire the Newborn?
Alien Stunt Head Prop (Genuine?)
Dr Wren (J.E. Freeman) Animatronic Bust 

DiStephano's costume
Vriess' costume
Hillard's costume
Christie's costume
Auriga crew costume 

Concept Artists
Sylvain Despretz
Chris Cunningham / Halls
Steve Wang
Jordu Schell
Arthur Lee
unnamed 2

Giger's responses to the issue of his credit in the film
 Giger's letter to 20th C Fox no.1 (November 13th 1997)
Giger's letter to 20th C Fox no.2 (December 19th 1997)

 Jan Kounen and the alien
Dark Horse Alien comics influence
Homage to Ken Russell's "Mahler"?
Sex in space
Ripley - Call: A lesbian relationship?  
Alien Warrior by Arthur Lee (painted by Daniel Brodzik?) references:
a. Master Francke's Resurrection of Christ (1424) ? 
b. "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" (1907) by Pablo Picasso?  
c) Vaughan's tattoo in David Cronenberg's Crash?

Echoes from Alien Resurrection
Chris Cunningham's "Africa Shox" music video.
Alien Resurrection inspires Pitof's Vidocq
Creature-Effect's alien mutant

Extract from "Joss Whedon: The Genius Behind Buffy"
Extract from "Extract from Joss Whedon: Geek King Of The Universe