Alien 3: Alec Gillis' concept art

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  1.  Alec Gillis: A couple of my sketches from ALIEN3. Due to script changes the pre production build schedule was unusually long even by the standards of the day. Giger was submitting from Zurich but @tom_woodruffjr and I were asked to give our takes as well. This would later cause ill feelings from Giger towards us, which was a unfortunate. Even on ALIENS, which Giger was not part of, we considered ourselves to be caretakers of the incredible designs he created. At the same time when a director asks for your ideas, as professionals you give them. We asked for the credit ‘Alien FX Designed by’ while Giger received the credit ‘original Alien Designed by’ so as to make it clear we weren’t trying to diminish Giger’s brilliant work. He had well documented problems with Fox and I suspect he lumped us into that contingent. We can’t always control people’s reactions. Sometimes it’s just best to accept and move on.
    October 19, 2019)

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