Updates 2013-21


March 2nd 2021

ii) Added: Alien: Nostromo: Hypersleep chamber as an index page for articles dealing with this chamber 
iii) Added: Alien: Nostromo: The Garage as an index page for articles dealing with this chamber


February 25th 2021  

i) Added: Predator: The Val Verde Universe of movies

February 20th 2021
i) Re-edited "Prometheus: Encounter with the Engineers references Dromedan from Jack Kirby's The Eternals?" (Formerly "Prometheus references Jack Kirby's The Eternals?")
February 10th 2021
February 1st 2021  

January13th 2021

i) Updated Carl Sagan vs von Däniken with quotes from "Planetary systems beyond the sun" lecture (1977)for The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures for Children
January 10th 2021
i) Updated "Chris Nolan on Alien and Blade Runner" changing it to "Chris Nolan on Alien, Alien 3 and Blade Runner Thankfully Chris Nolan has expanded on his discussion about the Alien franchise in interviews beyond his few words of appreciation for Alien. As we can see from the article from The Independent which has already reached most of you by other sources, he has talked a little about Alien 3 and I've now added that to my page on his experience of the films. 
January 5th 2021
vii) Added index page for articles dealing with HR Giger's Passage Temple - Way of the Magician (work 264) (1975))
ix) Added: Illustrations for Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland etc by John Tenniel


January 2014

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