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October 16th 2021

i) Added an index page for Plane filling II (1957) by MC Escher
ii) With that I'm doing what I can to focus on The Jacques Louis David's "Death of Socrates" passage
with the various images along its stretch perhaps to show that there are significant little chains of images of map out for very good reason. In the title Passage was previously Route , and then I liked the idea of calling it a Passage, but still a lot of work has to be done. The painting is significant enough as a starting point for sets of such associations.
iii) Added an index page for E.L. Kirchner's "Studio of Painter" (1920)

October 15th 2021 
ii) Added: The marine shop from Hergé's "The Adventures of Tintin and Red Rackham's Treasure" (1944) as an index page for anything to do with this image and I've also updated connections between some pages that exist as index pages for anything to do with his work. The two main ones have linked together. Meanwhile this led to me making alterations to these two pages, being the index page for Hergé because there's also the page Hergé's Tintin that seemed confusing. Was there anything that was supposed to be different about either on. perhaps eventually there will be but but I had to edit it down and make sure that I'm not just replicating arrangements of links that can be found elsewhere, and make sure that the page that should have all the links has them all. It's very complicated really and this overcomplication doesn't help the site very much which has near enough helped lead to its failure over the years..
iv) Added Plane filling II (1957) by MC Escher references the marine shop from Hergé's "The Adventures of Tintin and Red Rackham's Treasure" (1944) ?

October 10th 2021
i) Updated Alien: The Derelict during construction with photos from Propstore Auction: Alien & Aliens Collection 2nd- 13th December 2019. I've only taken and edited what's was on the website to make them presentable
vi) Added  Alien: derelict ship detail for Alien (1977) by Chris Foss as an index page for the illustration
October 4th 2021
i) Added Alien 3: Inspired by Element of Crime?  as an individual page
ii) Added: Element of Crime: Inspiration from Blade Runner? as an individual page   
iii) Added: Element of Crime: Inspired by Apocalypse Now? as an individual page

October 2nd 2021 

iii) Added: Alien : The chestburster prop known as "Little Rascal"?

29th September 2021

28th September 2021
i) Updated Alien 3: Curious similarities to Apocalypse Now and Blade Runner via Element of Crime" which was previously titled "Alien 3: Curious similarities to Element of Crime". It's a very fragmented subject to even think about. 
The cinematographer and editor of Element of Crime have acknowledged the Blade Runner connection even though the director still says it's different and then the people analysing the film might see the Blade Runner connection for the same obvious reasons but it might require looking at what happened in Blade Runner carefully rather than arguing over whether Deckard must be either a replicant or jusr human. But Coppola has been an influence for Trier certainly and the connections there seem quite evident even if the connections mentioned in the Element of Crime commentary connect it with other Coppola films. Then there's the question about the connection between Blade Runner and Alien 3, is it obvious and has some of the confusion that has erupted in the mysteries surrounding that movie jumped into Alien 3. Is Bishop 2 a human, an android or just a product of confusion for many. Is there something at the core of all of this?
I have recently wondered about and Alien meets Blade Runner story but what could one do with that really, when it seems that these are two different franchises with some different ideas about where the future is going, namely androids in Blade Runner that appear organic and androids that seem to have a semi organic interior such as Ash in Alien, and Ridley Scott liberally calls the latter a 'replicant' which is a term for the androids in Blade Runner, and we might want to wonder what was going on in Ridley's brain when he decided to associate the two. Ridley Scott had his Alien film set a hundred years into the future from when it was made, and that might make it about 2080 although because of Ron Cobb's idea about a futuristic history evolving, he wrote out a series of events that took place in the future that accompanied the set of patches on sale as worn by the Alien crew. The Nostromo flight might seemed to have been revealed to take place perhaps in the early part of the 22nd century instead of towards the end of the 21st. Aliens decided to have a timeline which seemed to be based somewhere along the lines of Ron Cobb's ideas.
With that I seem to appreciate the idea of some disproportionism in the way time it's set out, perhaps have Alien set in 2080 as Ridley imagined with this seemingly unlikely space faring technology but there is the madness of this alternate history that seems to have everyone with a history shoved into the near future of then. This wouldn't help the world of people who want some official timeline that governs everything in the universe of Alien because I'm always happy to have some sort of Moebius loop shoved into it for the hell of it by the sounds of it, or some way that the Escher's imagination work effecting the universe of Alien.
Probably I wouldn't want Alien and Blade Runner to merge as these big franchises but perhaps eventually once the hysteria about these different film universes are cast aside, suddenly these things would eventually bleed through into each other where Tyrell and Weylan(d)-Yutani are found on the same piece of paper or on the horizon on the cityscape with little explanation so frequently that it doesn't matter. Then it seems that William Gibson wanted aliens running around a Blade Runner set back in time of Alien 3 before he went off with the idea of unfinished space stations. But what a biomechanoid alien with its curious life cycle would be doing in the Blade Runner universe is another thing that still I haven't worked out yet. 
21st September 2021
iii) Added the start of the Alien 3 timeline: production etc
19th September 2021

12th September 2021 
iii) Updated Alien: A Sofa in LA
11th September 2021
i) Updated: Memory The Origin Of Alien: Ash the mysogynist dealing with Clarke Wolfe's segment for
I have to say that although I appreciated the documentary any many things seen in it and that the director who made a name for himself with some interesting documentaries was approached to have a go at putting something together, I seems that I have to treat much of it like a fragmented farce and would like improvements in a Director's cut if one ever got made. Perhaps it should be turned into a documentary about case study of hysteria and psychosis projected onto the Alien movie and materials relating to it

9th September 2021
i) Added The Fifth Element: The design of the Mondoshawan expanding on the various possibilties of the design of the characters as seen in the final film 
iii)  Added: The Fifth Element: The final Mondoshawan design by Jacques Rey references Looking-glass-world Armies for Lewis Carroll's "Alice Through The Looking Glass" (published 1871) by John Tenniel ?
8th September 2021  
i) Updated article "Alien: Simon Deering hops aboard" on with information about working as a member of the stage crew for Tangerine Dream's European tour in 1978. This makes it clearer why Steve Joliffe visited Bray studio and helped with the Nostromo 'wiggeteering' (see: Alien: Steve Jolliffe of Tangerine Dreams joins the Nostromo wiggeters). Many thanks to "24db" for the information.
3rd September 2021

2nd September 2021

August 2021
August 23rd 2021
August 22nd 2021
i) Updated "Neill Blomkamp's Alien movie" changing the title to "The coming and going of Blomkamp's Alien 5"
vi) Have corrected multiple misspellings of Stephane Levallois's surname where I've written Lavallois
x) Added: Prometheus: production used blueprints for Shaw's (Noomi Rapace's) quarters
August 14th 2021 

i) Added: Alien 3: ADI's Super Face-Hugger which has nothing new to say about the creation but I've added it.

August 10th 2021
i) Updated "Dune and the gathering", using the page with information from an interview with Dan O'Bannon talking about his time on Dune from "Moebius Redux" and so re-edited the whole essay, breaking the longer sections up with subheadings as a way to navigate the page 
ii) Added: Alien 3: ADI's Queen Alien Facehugger
August 7th 2021
ii) Updated Alien: Ivor Powell wrote a treatment for an Alien prequel/sequel "Universal Matter" with snippets of information from Alien Vs Predator Podcast #130 The History Of the Hunt - An interview with Peter Briggs.
August 6th 2021
i) Bizarrely I decided to update the page: "Supposed "Mayan" artifact showing contact with extra terrestrials Side A as seen on America Unearthed" as I had noticed that Jason Colavito decided to have a point of view about the whole program and I once bought a book by this writer. I probably am interested to explore the contravery around these artifacts since I have a perspective on them that's growing and has helped me to explore connections between various artists work. Colavito noticed the Necronom IV connection before I did and whatever way he thought about it, I noticed it my own way.

July 2021

July 31st 2021

i) I decided to break the "Alien Covenant: The xenomorph  - a stripped-down killing machine" down into a number of different pages and with that added information based on quotes from Cinefex #153 and the Conor O'Sullivan interview for the Reel Feedback podcast. Unfortunately, the story of the process of whatever went on there seems very fragmented still.


July 27th 2021

i) Added Alien beast by Fraco since people were still confused about the illustration and thought it was by Moebius

July 24th 2021

i) Had a go at adding more details to Alien production timeline May 1978 and Alien Production Timeline June 1978 such as Giger having an acid trip in June when she arrived. I keep finding things that ought to be there are not and I thought that I had written a chapter on Giger's use of LSD but somehow it has been erased, and one wonders what to make of these inconsistancies. Although I have written all of thise out in the timelines which should really be brief, they might as well become more complicated, in order for me to really work out what I think that I am doing rather than guessing about what these brief references mean


July 15th 2021
ii) Updated  Alien: Ivor Powell wrote a treatment for an Alien prequel/sequel "Universal Matter"
and added "Universal Matter" to the title 
July 14th 2021

i) Added Alien: HR Giger's Space Jockey and the "Pacal Votan" tomb lid as an exploration of the relationship between the two

July 11th 2021

July 10th 2021

i) Added: Alien: Early Alien script by Dan O'Bannon references The Adventures of Tintin: Tintin and the Broken Ear (Published 1936) by Hergé?



July 4th 2021

i) Added: Alien Covenant: Alien Newborn by Colin Shulver
July 3rd 2021

i) Updated Alien: The TV series

June 2021

June 30th 2021

i) Added: the make of the radio control box seen in the photo at Alien: David Watling's Alien Head

June 23rd 2021 

i) Added:  Echoes of Occator crater on the Ceres planetoid in relief of Roman relief of a port scene from the Severan age (Yes, I'm sure that I'm causing confusion with this but there we go)
June 19th 2021

June 9th 2021 

June 5th 2021

May 2021

May 15th 2021

i) Google have deleted over a dozen pages because of supposed Malware violations, and there shouldn't be anything of that nature at all. but there we go.
ii) 'January to December 2020' has just been restored.
iv) 'Aliens: Writing the script' has just been restored.
v) 'Alien: Nostromo' has just been restored. 
vi) 'Alien: Nostromo: The Garage 'has now been restored. 
viii) 'Alien: Hypersleep chamber' has now been restored.
ix) 'Alien: Nostromo: Hypersleep chamber' has now been restored.
xiv) 'Alien: Nostromo: The Refinery' has been restored.
April 2021
April 26th 2021

April 23rd 2021

April 17th 2021
i) Updated Alien 3 Cocoons with news that the story about David Fincher's "Thinking Shell" as told to Cinefex was a fib

April 1st 2021
i) Added: Further rewrote: Alien: The end of the line and back to the distant past. Whenever I look at the essay, i keep finding that the words are mixed up or meaningless as if a digital whirlwind is forever mixing everything up. This problem has gone on for years and may well continue. 

I don't know if we can find out enough because Ridley only gives vague fragments of the development of his ideas for the evolution of the Space Jockey scenario which is infuriating for an Alien fan.

What we have are bare bones and very little to flesh it out with. Posting quotes from Ridley as something conveying meaning isn't good enough, because they don't always mean that much for anyone really wanting to know something.

Is there another direction to go with this? I'd like to go there.

March 2021
March 29th 2021

i) Added: Alien Life Cycle Hieroglyphs according to Christopher Robinson as published in L'art et la science dans Alien

March 24th 2021
i) Updated Alien: Ridley's creative turnaround With the release of the longer version of the interview featured in the Ivor Powell documentary recently (https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/ivor-powell-associate-producer-of-alien-and-blade-runner/id1522552119?i=1000514095372) this means I can update the article Ridley's Creative Turnaroud with the name of the actual station where Ivor carried out the near legendary act of picking up the copy of the Metal Hurlant.
I'm obviously excited to think that Ridley saw the magazine that Ivor bought as they sat on the train, and then perhaps said "Let's have a look at that" before he picked it up. That's part of the story of the making of Alien .  
March 18th 2021
i) Added : HR Giger's Unused Alien Life Cycle Tableau according to SciFi Explained
March 17th 2021
i) Added: Federico Fellini as an index page for articles dealing with this director

March 14th 2021
March 13th 2021

March 3rd 2021

i) Added: A separate page for "HR Giger: The theme of Nut the Sky Goddess involved in Giger choice of grave stone" was made on 3rd March 2021 although the information had been published here as soon as photos showed up of the tomb stone which was shortly after the completion of the grave memorial in 2016

March 2nd 2021
ii) Added: Alien: Nostromo: Hypersleep chamber as an index page for articles dealing with this chamber 
iii) Added: Alien: Nostromo: The Garage as an index page for articles dealing with this chamber
February 2021



February 25th 2021  

i) Added: Predator: The Val Verde Universe of movies

February 20th 2021
i) Re-edited "Prometheus: Encounter with the Engineers references Dromedan from Jack Kirby's The Eternals?" (Formerly "Prometheus references Jack Kirby's The Eternals?")
February 10th 2021
February 1st 2021  
January 2021

January13th 2021

i) Updated Carl Sagan vs von Däniken with quotes from "Planetary systems beyond the sun" lecture (1977)for The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures for Children
January 10th 2021
i) Updated "Chris Nolan on Alien and Blade Runner" changing it to "Chris Nolan on Alien, Alien 3 and Blade Runner Thankfully Chris Nolan has expanded on his discussion about the Alien franchise in interviews beyond his few words of appreciation for Alien. As we can see from the article from The Independent which has already reached most of you by other sources, he has talked a little about Alien 3 and I've now added that to my page on his experience of the films. 
January 5th 2021
vii) Added index page for articles dealing with HR Giger's Passage Temple - Way of the Magician (work 264) (1975))
ix) Added: Illustrations for Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland etc by John Tenniel 2020




January 2014

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