Alien: "Pilot in Cockpit" (work 380) (1978) by HR Giger


a) Ridley Scott's early storyboard for the Space Jockey was the starting point for HR Giger

See: Alien: Early Ridleygram showing the sideview of the Space Jockey (1978) by Ridley Scott for Alien

c) See: Alien: Space Jockey references "Meanwhile, tribune Noxius Vapus arrives at the prefect's palace" from Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield?



Comparisons between the Alien Pilot in Cockpit (work 380) (1978) by HR Giger and 'Portrait of James Tissot 'by Edgar Degas, 'Walrus and the Carpenter with empty oyster shells' for Lewis Carroll's Alice Through the Looking Glass (1871) and 'Behind Veronica's Cloth' by Ernst Fuchs (1953)

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