Superman vs Aliens II #9 p2, (published 2002) references Biomechanic landscape (unfinished) (1988) by HR Giger?

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a) Superman vs Aliens II #9 p2, 2002

In this story,we find the character Darkseid has bred the alien beasts, as if the story was a response to Giger's painting that appeared to be loosely based upon the shapes and forms found in the Darkseid and the Anti-Life equation panel trail from the comic The Saga of the Swamp Thing Vol 2 #62 (Published 1987)which appears to me to have been loosely based on a few Giger paintings together




b) Biomechanic landscape (unfinished) (1988) by HR Giger

b.i) Low resolution image of the whole painting

b.ii) Higher resolution image photographed by Kean Robertson (posted at Building Better Worlds )

c) Left upper leg becomes a downward pointing alien head while the lower abdomen and the right upper leg become the lower torso. Another sort of a limb to the right of the manifestation of a face at the bottom of the snippet become the alien beast's lower part of the right leg.
d) The buttocks near to the centre of the picture to the left of the head shown above becomes the knee of another alien beast
e) Curious organic shape stretching from the centre to the lower right becomes the mid to lower torso of the central alien beast extending to the beginning of its tail
f) The rounded side of the thigh becomes the right part of the woman's yellow cloak. 

Perhaps the end of the snake tail helped to set off the idea of the staff carried by the warrior to the right of this snippet of an image


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