HR Giger: Alien Monster II (work 407) (1978) references Demons tormenting St. Anthony (1520) by Niklaus Manuel Deutsch?


leading from


a) HR Giger's Alien Monster II (work 407) (1978)

HR Giger's Alien Monster II (1978)



 b) "Demons tormenting St. Anthony" (1520) by Niklaus Manuel Deutsch


c)  Lower left demon becomes this biomechanoid with beak like mandibles


d) Comparable area on the upper right corner

e) Demon holding head of hinged club's head and club transform into this strange folded leg like limb and vestigial face to the lower right of it.

f) The belly and lower torso become  a creature with a head like a bottle.

g) Further down the lower torso to the legs and the comparable area as if the tail area is transforming into the upper part of a limb

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