Alien Production Timeline May 1978

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Tuesday, 2nd May 1978
  1. Gordon Carroll calls Giger to say that he likes the pictures 
Saturday 6th May 1978
  1.  Interior Galley, set no.506,  Plan E - elevation is drawn for stage C
Monday 8th May 1978
  1. Ridley has some notes typed out for the characters, Ripley and Dallas giving some details about their background
Friday  12th May 1978
  1. Sigourney Weaver flies to London to do the screen test. (See Sigourney's Screen Test ))
Saturday 13th May 1978

  1. Was this when Alan Ladd brought various members of staff to see Sigourney's screentest or did that happen on Monday. (See Alien: Consulting Women)

Sunday, 14th May 1978
  1. Giger received a phone call from London, and has been re-appointed, and is asked to go to Shepperton to work on scenery models for Alien including a visualisation of a skeleton of an alien astronaut. Although the other side to that is that Cinefex (CFX1, p48) informs us that Gordon Carroll invited Giger to London to observe the progress being made on the alien forms. Giger had a strong desire to fulfill his work commitments at his studio from Zurich but Ridley accepted this, it was never his intention to let him stay there.
Monday, 15th May 1978
  1. Giger finished the picture of an alien astronauts body on the landscape 
Wednesday, 17th May 1978
  1. Giger asks Ridley's secretary if he should come to London to show the painting 
Thursday 18th May 1978
  1. Giger takes a flight to London Ridley takes a look at the picture but doesn't like the details on the skeleton and so Giger must rework it. 
  2. Giger finds that construction of space ship is in full swing , small models of the landscape and derelict entrace have been made. 
  3. Giger decides that he ought to go ahead and design the models himself 
Friday 19th May 1978
  1. Giger visits Li's grave and called Shepperton later that day. 
Monday, 22nd May 1978
  1. Materials and Hotel have been booked for Giger. 
  2. Giger stays in Warren Lodge Hotel which is less than a mile from the town centre which was the area where the writer J G Ballard lived, and also a mile and a third from the film studios .

The Warren Lodge Hotel

Tuesday, 23rd May 1978
  1. Giger would prefer to live in Shepperton rather than commuting from central London.
  2. Working on hieroglyphs, and will be finished by the evening of the 24th. 
Thursday, 25th May 1978
  1. Giger disapproves of scenery work 
Friday, 26th May 1978
  1. Giger meets Peter Voysey and they begin work on the bone landscapes
  2. Giger, Voysey and Brian Muir talked about the bone rocks that formed the landscape leading to the wreck of the derelict entrance to be erected on H stage. The plasterers would make the basic shapes from a series of wooden templates covered with chicken wire and then coated with plaster. Meanwhile Brian Muir would carve the intricate parts in polystyrene and then coated them in plaster. When the sections were married together and painted until they blended seamlessly
Saturday, 27th May 1978
  1. Mia arrives in England.
Sunday, 28th May 1978
  1. Giger gets on with his work 
Monday, 30th May 1978
  1. Managing directors are introduced to Giger 
Tuesday, 31st May 1978
  1. Giger works on model for second decor of the landscape where the derelict is worked into the rock face. The landscape of bone models are ready to be cast. Entrance to the derelict is being fitted 

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