Alien Production Timeline March 1978

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  • Dennis Lowe: At Shepperton We all started immediately after 'Pink Panther' and that must have been around March way. At the beginning Brian asked Guy and myself to make an example of a control panel for Ridley to look at and to use the same design they used to have from Space 1999 which had a very stylized clean graphic look to it. We both thought that this was a little too simplistic so we came up with a second version which included parts from ex government surplus equipment and the famous umbilical tubing sprayed down with a dusting of matte black. Ridley came in and of course picked the dirty one. (Alien Experience Re: ALIEN Makers Documentary) 
  • Dennis Lowe: At that same time in the workshop Ridley was talking about his first concept of the refinery and he was describing an actual oil refinery with pipes and spires, eventually the term 'Battleship Bismarck in space' came up to describe the detailing of the model.(Re: ALIEN Makers Documentary)
  • A March revised draft of the Alien Script is prepared by Giler and Hill, "based on a screenplay by Dan O'Bannon"
Thursday 2nd March 1978
  1. Roger Christian finds out that Terry Gilliam's Brian of Nazareth production being postponed and suddenly he is called to see Ridley about working on the Alien production

Friday, 3rd March 1978
  1. Giger works on sketches of the first three monsters. 
  2. He discusses the Facehugger with Ridley Scott. 

Sunday, 5th March 1978
  1. Giger is in London, he outlines his ideas to Ridley 

Saturday, 11th March 1978
  1. Discussion about the chesburster in London, inspired by Bacon's crucifixion and Giger works on the design at his apartment.  
Sunday, March 12th 1978
  1. Meryl Streep's partner John Cazale dies from bone cancer

Monday, March 13th 1978
  1. Laddie and Ridley discuss who's up for the Ripley role. Asking Meryl Streep is out of the question. Sigourney Weaver's name is then mentioned.
  2. Monty Python member Michael Palin who is a member of the board of directors at Shepperton is aware that the is overflowing with work. Portakabins are being hired to accommodate everyone - it looks like a Yukon town at the height of the gold rush. Odd Job and Pink Panther are shooting. Alien needing three stages, is building. Thief of Baghdad is in production too. However he thinks that the catering is appalling, he has pushed and pushed for some improvement but this had led nowhere. (Information taken from Michael Palin Diaries 1969-1979 The Python Years)
Thursday, 16th March 1978
  1. Giger has a long talk with lawyer about his contract.

Friday 17th March 1978
  1. The day of Sigourney Weaver's audition at the Regency Hotel in New York?  

Thursday, 30th March 1978
  1. Works 366 and 367 are finished in Zurich, Giger goes to England for a conference and works on sketches while at the airport. 
  2. Giger is driven to Shepperton where he has a conference with Scott and O'Bannon about the Facehugger which means more alterations. 
  3. Discussion about the set which features the derelict entrance and the landscape along with the Nostromo landing leg. 

Friday, 31st March 1978
  1. Ridley gives Giger specifics about the Space Jockey design then known as the Outsize Pilot. 
  2. Giger returns to Zurich.

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