Alien 3

Aliens Vs Predator

leading from 

The development of Peter Brigg's AvP script

Paul W.S. Anderson  sells AvP

Patrick Tatopoulos's concept work for alien lifeforms
1. Patrick Tatopoulos concepts for  the Alien Queen
2. Patrick Tatopoulos concept for the "Hybrid" Chestburster

Constantine Sekeris sketches for alien lifeforms
1. Constantine Sekeris' sketches for Alien facehugger, 
2. Constantine Sekeris' sketches for Alien warriors,
3. Constantine Sekeris sketches for an Alien Queen

Aliens In A Puzzle Box Pyramid

Von Däniken concepts in Alien vs Predator

Aztec architecture influenced by Predators

Borrowed from the Alien saga
1. Title Sequence, 2. Silhouette of the Alien Queen, 3. Nodding duck  
4. Reflections in the helmets, 5. Bishop returns again, 6. The Pyramid

Sigourney Weaver vs Alien vs Predator