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Alien 3

Alien Resurrection

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The Resurrection of Ripley
Homage to Ken Russell's "Mahler"?
The Viper Pit / Nest

Other directors considered for Alien Resurrection
Matthieu Kassovitz was considered for Alien Resurrection
Danny Boyle almost directed Alien Resurrection
Paul W Anderson almost directed Alien Resurrection
David Cronenberg was asked to direct Alien Resurrection

Sylvain Despretz
Chris Cunningham / Halls
Steve Wang
Jordu Schell

Giger's responses to the issue of his credit in the film
 Giger's letter to 20th C Fox no.1 (November 13th 1997)
Giger's letter to 20th C Fox no.2 (December 19th 1997)

Echoes from Alien Resurrection
Chris Cunningham's "Africa Shox" music video.
Alien Resurrection inspires Pitof's Vidocq

Extract from "Joss Whedon: The Genius Behind Buffy"
Extract from "Extract from Joss Whedon: Geek King Of The Universe

Alien vs Predator Requiem

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The Evolution of the PredAlien
1) J. J. Booker's "Hy'brid" from the Facehugger fanzine 1993
2) Dave Dorman's Predalien mid 1990s 
3) Predalien in "Alien vs Predator duel"comicbook, 1995 
4) White hybrids in "Alien vs Predator: Deadliest of the Species" comicbook 
5) Alien vs Predator film's Hybrid Chestburster  
6) Marvel's Iron Spider: Inspiration for backspine concepts? 
7) Michael Broom's Predaliens
8) Farzad Varahramyan's Predaliens 
9) Justin Murray's Predaliens 
10) Chris Ayers' Predalien
11) Predalien with side teeth concepts
12) Green Predalien concept drawings
13) Predalien facehugging victim
14)The Predalien  
15) Joe Nizzi's Biomechanoid Predator style Decepticons for Transformers 3, 2011

Children of the Predalien
1)The AVP:R Alien warrior 


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1.) A New Beast, 2.) Prometheus' DNA,
3.) The name of the film,  
4.) The future as it evolves 5.) The New Weyland
6. ) Story of a man/"higher being" against the gods, 
7. ) Von Daniken's ideas, 8.) Pyramid in the Prequel, 
9.) The Doorway to the Next Chapter, 
10.) Pyramid in the Prequel, 11.) Origins of the Orrery 
12.) Planet Zeta 2 Reticuli 
13.) Questions about God and Paradise Lost

Cast and Characters
Noomi Rapace plays Elizabeth Shaw.  
Michael Fassbender plays an android ,  
Charlize Theron plays Meredith Vickers
Scriptwriter: Jon Spaihts, Scriptwriter: Damon Lindelof, Production Designer: Arthur Max
Designer: Daniel Simon, Creature Designer: H. R. Giger, Concept designer: Alex Kzohanov / Gutalin ,
 Cinematographer: Dariusz Wolski,

The Space Jockey / The Engineers
a) Max's Headroom 
b) Engineer's Technology
c) The Engineer revealed to the public   
d) As Revealed In The Film
e) The Sacrificial Engineer
f) Ridley's design criteria for the engineers' world
g) Changes to space jockey's telescope viewer
 h) Engineer ships exterior designs 
i) Hammer shaped Primordial engineer ships 
ii)Alternate toroidal shaped engineer ships
i) The Derelict and the Juggernaut

a) The Hammerpede 
1) introduction in the trailers 
2) The Facehugger Centipede

 b) Babyhead
1 ) Carlos Huante's Babyhead,  
2) Origins of Carlos Huante's Babyhead 

c) The Development of Fifield 
1) The Fifield Monster, 2) Ivan Manzella's Fifield Monster,  
3) H. R. Giger's Fifield Monster, 4) Alternate Fifield mutant, 
5) The final mutant Fifield,
6) Fifield found rolled up 
7) Question about a Huantes concept 
8) Ridleygrams of beluga head

Loose Ends
1) Star Map invitations and Mysteries of Planetoid Numbers 
2) Jesus Christ: Emissary From Outer Space?

1)  The space Jockey as a suit question
2) "Deacon Blues" and the blue Deacon ,
3) The Gerald Scarfe and Ralph Steadman influence?,
4) Gary Larson and the Deacon's pointed head 
5) Holographic Universe as a theme
6) Henry Moore's "Head of Prometheus"?, 
7) Alien Apocalypse: The Destroying Angels, 
8)"Alien Apocalypse" influence on Prometheus? 
9) Moebius' influence on Prometheus?
10) Exorcist: The Beginning & Dominion's influence on Prometheus?  

11) Max Headroom As Running Theme 
12) Ganesh with breathing pipe trunk 
13) Georgiou Tsoukalos of Ancient Aliens and Joe Rogan talk about Prometheus
14) Ridley's afterthoughts on Prometheus 
15) Ivor Powell wrote a treatment for an Alien prequel/sequel

1.Scott in the VIP room refering to the Space Jockey as a suit, 
2. The Beginning, 3. Films back to back, 
4. Introduction to Sci-Fi, 
5. How Alien Came To Be And Seeing Star Wars, 
6. The Fifth Man, 
7. Scott  in Hollywood, 8. Calling Moebius,  
9. Budget and Storyboarding, 
10. Reading, 11. Not asked, 
12. Prequel is much more interesting than a sequel, 
13. Resurrecting the Franchise,  
14. Floating "Carcass" Comment, 
15. Explaining the space jockey, 16. Legend and flops, 
17. The Old Dark House, Underwater research, 
18. Europa, Io and to Zeta II Reticuli, 19. Terraforming, 
20. Faster Than Light, 21. Casting Sigourney, 
22. Ridley Scott on Blade Runner: 
(i) Harrison Ford in Blade Runner,
 (ii) Scott on the Blade Runner script, 
iii) Friction between Harrison and Ridley) , 
 23. Scott and the Camera, 24. The director and team effort,  
25. Film education,  26. Ridley's knee, 
27.Tony Scott's Student Films, 28.The Forever War, 
29.Audience questions time: i. Setting up shots, 
ii. Rehearsing with actors, iii. Robin Hood,  
iv. Western In Development, v. Sequel to Alien, 
vi. Blade Runner's difference to its source material, 
vii. Blade Runner the title 

Oscar winner H.R. Giger in Blick interview Originally Published 9th June.2012
HR Giger interview with Zuritipp, 13th August 2012

ghosts of Giger's biomechanics in Man of Steel

See the original article my other blog
on June 19th 2013 

General Zod'S collar and Giger's ELP II work 218

a) My suspicions and ideas
In June 0f 2013, I went to see the Superman movie "Man Of Steel" and I noticed some of the obvious similarities to the work of HR Giger, it was being noticed generally by other people but I suddenly started noticing comparisons to imagery freely available artwork by HR Giger.  The Toothy collar of General Zod's collar reminded me of Giger's ELP II painting. b) The skull like General Zod's mask when turned dark became similar to that half hidden face in Giger's Li II and c) the walls of a Kryptonian environment similar to the lower abdomen of the Alien.

Skull like faces with breathing masks. A creature from Giger's Li II and General Zod's helmet
b) Zack Snyder acknowledges Giger
Later I have head from an article in Cinemovie.tv from June 13th that Zack Snyder had discussed Giger's artwork in terms of the designs of the scout ship and the Krypton environment, but could not say specifically about the costume department but all costume designers were exposed to all the production design and so it probably seeped in.
loose comparison to groin of Giger's Alien suit and wall of a Kryptonian environment

Source quotes 
  1. CineMovie asked Zack at a recent press conference with the cast and filmmakers about the connection.  Zack admitted there may be some influence, but for the most part it wasn’t discussed directly for the costumes.(http://cinemovie.tv, Thursday, 13 June 2013, )
  2. Q: Was there any influence on the suits from H.R. Giger?
    Zack Snyder: We talked about it.  I don’t think directly, but because we had talked about it in the Scout ship and Krypton. And the costume designers were exposed to all the production design and so it probably seeped in. (http://cinemovie.tv, Thursday, 5 June 2013, )