Alien Resurrection; Arthur Lee's alien warrior references Vaughan's tattoo in David Cronenberg's Crash?

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a) September 21st 2018, My most seemingly odd assumption would would also be that somehow it referenced the Vaughan's chest tattoo of the steering wheel in David Cronenberg's film Crash, designed by Stephan Dupuis.

Since I believe that Alien Resurrection was partly influenced by the film Crash, a film fresh in the minds of the production team, so in my imagination it would be as if it were on it in a half glimpsed way, but there's nothing much to connect the two, and that might be as much nonsense as the idea that the tattoo design in the film was another Henu Barque related image, 

Still the design as seen in Crash would inspirational starting point for a new image because of its place in Cronenberg's movie

b) Since the tattoo was presented as something that could be interpreted loosely as mysterious imagery, and it was odd image from a Cronenberg film, someone could be expected to want mythologise it and use it as a starting point for an Alien creature design even.

Alien warrior  possibly painted by Dan Brodzik based on a sketch byArthur Lee

c) However here I am straining to make any sort of comparison, thus would be fruitlessly trying to claim that the vertical bar in the design became the left hand of the beast, that the central ring of the steering wheel became the should fin of the beast, that the bottom of his vest peeled upwards became the upward curve of the tale, the left upward curve of the steering wheel would become the end of the tale and the right upward curve of the steering wheel along with the outer part of it that looks almost like a colon becomes the right leg of the beast. 

With that, one might as well assume that the artist gave up trying to make it recognisably connected to the idea of the tattoo from Crash and instead just create a decent illustration of an alien beast

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