Cronenberg's Crash: Vaughan's Tattoo as a Henu Barque?

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a) Vaughan's "Prophetic Tattoo" from David Cronenberg's Crash (1996) designed by Stephan Dupuis

Perhaps not strictly related to the Henu Barque but it grabs me as an idea that I wish was true. In the movie, it's the character Vaughan's tattoo in the shape of a steering wheel and perhaps bodily organs, but it loosely echoes the idea that I have been following. 

Henu Barque from Papyrus of Ani
black and white image of the Henu Barque from the Papyrus of Ani 
(source: The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, The British Museum Press)

b) If we are to make a comparison, the three rudders become the three pins on the steering wheel column, but that doesn't really prove anything, but aligns with the oddity of the interest in the Henu Barque.

Final tattoo makeup for the film
Final tattoo makeup for the film

Makeup for tattoo parlor scene

Crash: Vaughan in the tattoo parlor

c) Scene from film and film script:

James enters to discover Vaughan getting a wound tattoo on his abdomen, one that looks as though it could have been made by the fluted lower edge of a plastic steering wheel. The woman giving Vaughan the tattoo is sexless and professional. She could be a nurse or a hospital dietician.

James sits next to them, barely acknowledged by the woman. Vaughan has messy papers spread out in front of him which include stylized sketches of famous crash wounds, photos of Andy Warhol's scars, automotive styling detail drawings from a 50s era Detroit design studio.

(to Tattooist)
You're making it too clean.

Medical tattoos are supposed to be clean.

This isn't a medical tattoo. This is a
prophetic tattoo. Prophesy is dirty and
ragged. Make it dirty and ragged.

(a hint of sarcasm)
Prophetic? Is this personal prophesy or
global prophesy?

There's no difference. James - I want you
to let her give you this one.

Vaughan spreads out a stained piece of paper as though it were a sacred piece of parchment. On it is a fiercely sketched wound that looks as though it were made by the Lincoln's hood ornament.

Where do you think that one should go?

Vaughan spreads his legs in a mechanical, unsexual way and grabs the right inner thigh of his greasy jeans.

It should go here.

Crash: Vaughan in the tattoo parlor

Final Tattoo as seen in the film

Final Tattoo as seen in the film

Final Tattoo as seen in the film

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