Alien 3


  1. I'm surprised you do not have an in-depth section regarding the pre-production of ALIEN 3, what I would consider to be the only real worthwhile thing about the film (short of considering it the JACOB'S LADDER of the series). Vincent Ward has created a web site with a copious amount of images from his version of ALIEN 3, and all of the major scripts (from Gibson, Red, Ward, Twohy and Fasano) are available in PDF formats.

    Oh yes... the body of Hicks is being sold on (for $2245).

  2. Well, I suppose that I hope that there's time for me to deal with these things, I have been focusing on pulling out of the ether things about Alien and indeed Prometheus. But I think that what we have of Alien 3 as a movie does present something interesting to me but finding the needed references is not easy. I'm also exploring a lot of professional concept designers who have found themselves involved in creating artwork that connects with the Alien and even the Alien vs Predator mythos. But at the moment I have been catching up for the last several months because my access to a computer had been rather restrained for quite some time. I am focusing on Alien and Prometheus these days . And this thing is also about personal exploration. If I can feel that I am finding something to explore that couldn't easily be found in the other people's blogs, then I might feel that I am finding something rather than churning out the same information that other people have dished out before. I would indeed like to find something to write about in terms of the Vincet Ward vision but perhaps I would like to know about the various monster designs or maybe there isn't much depths, I don't ultimately know.Thanks anyway.