Alien 3, ADI Alien 3 Rod Puppet Maquette original production material

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dimue: This is my holy grail of Statues, Its the original ADI made and finsihed one of a kind custom build and posed Alien 3 Maquette.
This ONE-OF-A-KIND 1/3 scale maquette was 100% created by Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc., the Academy Award-winning effects house founded by Stan Winston alumni Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr..

ADI are a crucial part of the ALIEN legacy, having handled practical Alien effects since Alien 3.  Screenwriter John Fasano (TOMBSTONE, DARKNESS FALLS, ANOTHER 48 HRS) brought ADI to the producers, and as a special thank you, ADI crafted Fasano this one-of-a-kind maquette, cast from the original mold of the rod puppet from Alien 3.

Two maquettes were made, one for Fasano and one for director David Fincher (who was making his feature film debut).  The maquettes were in different poses, making this piece truly the only one of its kind.

  This solid resin maquette was painted by Gino Acevedo of New Zealand's WETA.  Acevedo, an effects artist and creature designer whose credits include INDEPENDENCE DAY, SPECIES, and MEN IN BLACK, oversaw special makeup requirements and creature painting for Peter Jackson's LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy.

The aggressively posed maquette measures roughly 24 inches high and 25 inches long.  It comes in a full-size, custom-made Plexiglas case, roughly 29" high by 27" long by 19" deep.
  Condition is MINT, and comes to us directly from the collection of Mr. Fasano. 




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