Alien 3: A stunt Ripley

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  • Propstore: This is a stunt Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) body from the 1992 sci-fi sequel Alien³. In the beginning of the film, the spacecraft Nostromo crashes on a prison planet; Ripley is found on the beach covered in oil by Clemens (Charles Dance) who carries her to shelter. This is the stunt body used so that the actor could easily carry Ripley. Made of polyfoam, this body is shaped to resemble Sigourney Weaver and has a brown wig attached to the head. There are spring wires and metal planks in the arms and legs for shape and support. The hands and legs are no longer present, except for one hand which has fallen off and been smashed. During production, the body was covered in a slime meant to represent oil and it’s likely that this slime has corroded the foam over time. The body measures 72” (183cm) long and is in poor condition.





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