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David Giler has several meetings in London and LA with Clive Barker before the release of Hellraiser


September 1987

Clive Barker's Hellraiser is released

David Giler had read the award winning novel Neuromancer while he was holidaying in Thailand.

During this year ADI are formed when Tom Woodruff and Alex Gillis are presented with the task of doing the creature effects for Alien 3.  See: Alien 3: Gillis and Woodruff get the job

January 1988

William Gibson finishes his second draft of a script in January 1988.


December 1988

Tuesday 15th December 1988

Vincent Wards's The Navigator is released in Australia
October 1989
David Twohy finishes his first draft of a script in October


March 1990

29th March 1990

John Fasano finishes the first draft of a screenplay based on the story by him and Vincent Ward
April 13th 1990 
Sigourney Weaver gives birth to her daughter Charlotte.

July 1990

Saturday 21st July 1990

Giger draws sketch n.25, which presents a side vide of the alien beast with a long membrane stretching along the spine, with perhaps the proportions of an alien beast that had based itself upon the proportions of an ox including its ribcage


August 1990


Monday 6th August 1990

Giger draws sketch n.40 , Alien beast version 1


Wednesday 8th August  1990

Giger creates no.45 of a side plan of the final alien beast


Thursday 9th August 1990

Giger drew a sketch of the bambi burster emerging from its birth sack

Sunday 12th August 1990
Giger drew a sketch of the bambi burster emerging from its birth sack 

Wednesday 22nd August 1990

Giger draws sketch n.100 of the swimming facehugger  and drawing 106 of the facehugger around the Ox's mouth


Friday 24th August 1990

Giger draws sketch no.104 of the facehugger in Ripley's ribcage


October  1990

Wednesday 10th October 1990

Walter Hill and David Giler hand in a draft



December  1990

Tuesday 18th December 1990

Walter Hill and David Giler finish a draft



January 1991

Principal photography starts in January


Saturday 5th January 1991

Rex Picket hands in a draft that a revised version of Walter Hill and David Giler's from 18th December


Friday 11th January 1991

Walter Hill and David Giler's final draft is finished


Monday 14th January 1991

A unit list published

Thursday 17th January 1991

Scene where Golic is brought into the infirmary is filmed (


Friday 18th Janyary 1991

Ralph Brown visits Walter Hill  at his maisonette in the Halcyon Hotel in Holland park to discuss ideas abut his character Aaron (

4th February 1991

Ralph Brown finds out that cinematographer Jordan Cronenweth is replaced by Alex Thompson

5th February 1991

Cantine sequence is filmed

June 1991

All of ADI's materials for the reshoot saved from the shoot in Britain was brought over to the USA and put in their storeroom until the reshoot in December


July 1991

3rd July 1991

Terminator 2 is released.



8th November 1991

Scene with Ripley's conversation with the wrecked Bishop is reshot


December 1991

It was Originally scheduled to debut in the summer of 1991 but they they are doing reshoots for Alien 3 in December 




22nd May 1992

The film is released in Hollywood


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