Alien 3: Dog Puppet with Dogburster Alien

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  • A dog puppet with a Dogburster alien from David Fincher's sci-fi action-horror sequel Alien3. When Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) crash landed on Fiorina 161, an alien Facehugger which was on board her pod attached itself to a dog, impregnating it with an alien that burst through its stomach.
    Designed and fabricated by the Academy Award®-winning special effects group Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. (ADI), this animatronic Rottweiler dog puppet contains a metal armature, servo motor, rubber and foam padding interior surrounded by an exterior of faux fur features including a hard plastic mouth. On one side of the ribcage is an opening with rods and a handle used to control a hard resin "Chestburster" element which is visible inside an opening in the chest. This puppet is in good overall condition with some wear from production throughout all elements. Dimensions: 48" x 34" x 13" (122 cm x 90 cm x 33 cm) (Source Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction - Los Angeles - 2020 (Aug 26 2020 − Aug 28 2020)




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