Alien 3: Facehugger hidden in victim's chest by HR Giger

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a) In the sketch drawn in what looks like September, we find that the tail connects with the woman's groin. we see a side view of the the body at the bottom with the fingers of the facehugger inside and the transparent coffin drawn at the end of the woman's legs.

Drawing by HR Giger (9/90_ (source:

b) In the drawing 104, firmly dates 24th August 1990, we find that the tail is drawn with the end looking as if it's turning into Ripley's brain.

Drawing by HR Giger for Alien III, CIV, (24th August 1990)

c) Here the face hugger is drawn as if it is inside the woman who is supposed to be Ripley, in a transparent coffin.
It's in the ribcage and the while the main body and tail becomes the spine. 
Something to point out is that David Fincher made sarcastic remarks about Ripley dying at the end of the Larry Ferguson script and like Snow White put in her tube waiting for Prince Charming to come along and wake her up. 
In the fairy tale Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, they build her a glass coffin . So I wonder if it has something to do with thar ending then
  1.  Fincher: In the draft Larry was writing, she was going to be this women who had fallen from the stars. In the end she dies, and there are seven monks left—seven dwarfs.
    Q: You’re kidding.
    Fincher: Seriously. I swear to God. She was like… what’s her name in Peter Pan? She was like Wendy. And she would make up all these stories. And in the end, there were these seven dwarfs left, and there was this fucking tube they put her in, and they were waiting for Prince Charming to come wake her up. So that was one of the endings we had for this movie. You can imagine what Joe Roth said when he heard this. “What?! What are they doing over there?! What the fuck is going on?!”  ("Mother from another planet",  Premiere March 1992) )

d) Snow White and the Seven dwarfs
d.i) The dwarves gather around snow white who has been poisoned with a poisoned apple

d.ii) Snow White in her glass coffin waiting for Prince Charming to come along

d.iii) Are we waiting for Prince Charming to come along and get face hugged?


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  2. So now I've added that this Ripley with a Facehugger inside her and inside a glass coffin sounds like Snow White in her glass coffin, and Fincher made a joke about this in relation to the end of Ferguson's Alien 3 script