Chris Cunningham's / Halls' earlier Alien artwork

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a) From the 1992-1993, Chris Halls painted various illustrations of Aliens that conformed to the style of Simon Bisley, another illustrator of these aliens , known for his work in the comic book 2000AD. Hall's style generated images of these scythe like alien heads that had long jaws and from the front looked very narrow. The heads were generally very sinewy and muscular at the side in a way that might reflect the idea of tapping into the unconscious.

b) For Issue 18 of the comic book, Halls painted an Alien that differed from this style completely going for the alien queen as it would appear in the Aliens movie without any significant elaboration.

Aliens Issue 13 (July 1993) comic book cover by Chris Halls
This was given to Jack Hughes personally from Chris Cunningham/Halls when 
he was workingon Alien 3 as the concept artist and sculptor of the Alien. The 
head of the creature bears the same sort of sinuous details evident on the 
Aliens comic book cover above (source

Alien drawn by Chris Halls for Alastair at the U.K.C.A.C. 93

Aliens # 17 UK comic book cover,  June 1992, by Chris Halls

Alien # 5 UK comic book cover (Nov 1992) by Chris Halls

Aliens # 7 UK comic book cover (Jan 1993) by Chris Halls
Aliens # 18 UK comic book cover Dec 1993 by Chris Halls

Illustration intended for Aliens #23 UK, titled Aliens: Matrix.

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