Aliens: Production. October 1985

leading from

Call sheet number 6


Monday 7th October 1985

Action today was located in Acton Lane power station, Everitt Road, Harlesden, N.W.6

It was the cocoon chamber set

The filming unit would leave the studio at 7am, travelling to the location arriving at 8am. 

They would travel in three minibuses that would leave from Timekeeper's Gate 0

The plan was to complete scene 90, and also film 92, 94, and well as video cover for scenes 95 and 97


James Remar at the time playing Hicks, and Bill Paxton playing Hudson would be picked up at 6.50, be in makeup at 7.30.

Jenette Goldstein who played Vazquez would be picked up at 6:15am, be in makeup for 7.00am. 

Al Matthews who played Apone would be picked up at 7am, be in makeup for 7.30am

Mark Rolsten playing Drake, Cynthia Scott plaing Dietrich, Tip Tipping who played Weirbowsku, and Trevor Steedman who played Crowe would get to the studio by their own means and be in makeup by 7am.  

All members of the cast listed here would be on set by 8.30am

Stunt doubles and alien performers

Meanwhile Clive Curtis who was the stunt doyble for Frost, and Denise Ryan who was the stunt double for Dietrich, with alien warriors performed by Chris Webb and Carl Toop would arrive at makeup at a time still to be announced.


There would be three utility stand s arriving at makeip for 8pm


As per script and to include dummy Pulse Guns, Smart Gun, Flame Throwers and accessories as established for troopers, practical motion tracks, Frost rucksack and repeats.

Ther would be the dead Alien eggs for dressing and Infra Red Visors


A camera to video record would also be required

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