Alien 5: Farzad Vrahramyan's
genetically altered alien concepts

leading from

I found the third of these posted on Farzad Vrahramyan's Instagram account and it was quickly removed, and so I only have the text for that picture since I copied it. The two others were probably found the same way and disappeared from his Instagram account in the same way.

a) Farzad Vrahramyan's sketch No 1, August 13th 2015,  (source: 

b) Farzad Vrahramyan's sketch No 2, from August 13th 2015, (posted 3rd March 2019 )Source

c) Farzad Vrahramyan's sketch No 3, August 13th 2015, (posted 3rd March 2019 ) source:
  • Farzad Varahramyan: ALIEN 5 Design Sketches: in 2015 Studio ADI asked me to submit some quick concepts for genetically altered Aliens for Neill Blomkamp’s Alien movie. This one was mutated with centipede inspirations, but I thought the interesting part of it was the flexible secondary alien mouth/tongue. The tongue could move like a snake. Another great collaboration with Tom and Alec at Studio, (2nd March 2019  

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