Alien : The chestburster prop known as "Little Rascal"?

 leading from


a) Photo 1


b) Photo 2

c) Photo 3
  d) The chestburster prop used in the film for the scene where it runs across the table
e) Chestburster being created at Roger Dicken's studio at home
 e)  Roger Dicken with chestburster in hand and closeup of the chestburster prop in question
f) Side view of Chestburster prop in question and the one that it's being claimed it is in the film production

  1. SKIN JOB 66: Photo 1- The support at the base of the prop can be spotted in a photo of the Chestburster taken on set. It’s a wood support covered with a metallic tube. I believe the Chestburster presented here is the one shown on that production photo. That support was here to allow simple manipulation during the scene where the Chestburster runs on the table : Dicken was holding it from under the table by its support.

    Photo 2- Red pigments can still be spotted on the tail of the prop. Now if you look at that photo of Roger Dicken posing with his creations you’ll notice that the tail of the Chestburster (the Hero one) also has red pigments on the same areas of its tail. It’s interesting , and logical when you think about it, to note that the tails of the Chestburster and Facehugger came from the same sculpt.

    That’s why I truly think this prop is genuine.
    In order to preserve it the best possible way for future generations (the poor thing has suffered enough !), I have asked Tom Spina Designs to provide some restoration work on it. I must say that the result, when you see it in person, is stunning ! Thank you guys !
    (The three photos of the prop on white background are courtesy of Tom Spina Designs)

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