Blade Runner: Costume design for Roy Batty in Blade Runner (1980) by Charles Knode references Vlad Tepes (work 412) (1978) by HR Giger?

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a) Costume design for Roy Batty in Blade Runner (1980) by Charles Knode

b) References Vlad Tepes (work 412) (1978) by HR Giger? 
c) First of all I thought about the Demon on the left side becomes the left arm but I now think he's the left side of the body, wih his cross weapon becoming the upper part of the collar, and the female being sodomised becomes the arm itself

d) The left character's head becomes the piece of fabric on the shoulder. 

The spike coming from her arm becomes the line going above the picket. 

Its upper torso become the parts that make up the arm. 

The skull like head of he darker mutant character becomes becomes he lower flap of he collar while while its axe becomes the cross. But I don't want to say that the coat looks Giger-esque at all. 

But it's a case of doing something like that to get drawings of ideas together quickly. 

So it would be a similar case with various features to be found on the other side and the lower part of the fabric on the right shoulder would correspond to another distorted face that's right on the side.

e) So indeed the female pale female figure on the left becomes the full arm with her buttocks becoming the where it puffs out around he cuff. 

Where an certain structure enters her rear becomes the cuff. 

You ought to be able to look at her ribbed stomach and see how some piping is drawn in to reflect shape on he outside of he lower arm. 

I suppose the black tentacle like arm here of the darker mutant becomes the side of the upper torso of Batty.

f) We might say that this ribbed fan like form becomes the flap of the right side of the collar with the tendrils below becoming the shoulder, but Knode didn't want to follow the shape that Giger did and went for structure that was more appropriate
f) On the right, we have tendrils connecting to a small withered face as the piece of fabric going over the shoulder so he piping follows tha trail and goes around the area of the head's jaws

g) So with the ribbing becoming the sleeve, we can say that the spike coming out of this lethal looking weapon becomes where the piping down from he place of the sleeve to he groin. 

We see the lower abdomen in the background there and that would be transformed into the belt area


h) This part of the Giger painting further below becomes the lower arm. 

The right side of the birth like head has long feather like forms on the right and you ought to be able to see how the piping on the outside of the lower arm follows that I suppose that the serpent on the left here becomes he inner part of he lower arm. 

And so the ribbing down at the bottom of his segment of Giger's piece becomes the point where the cuff is drawn in.


i) The bird head like detail and the equivalen

j) The edge of the coat flap on the left becomes the right edge of the lower body of the Cruella de Vil type demon and so that part of the demon becomes the stomach area of the Batty character



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