Alien: Space Jockey inspires
"Ship of fools" comic book story presented in
Doctor Who Weekly #23-24, 1980

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In a comic book story written by Steve Moore called "Ship of Fools" in Doctor Who Weekly #23-24 published in March of 1980, a space liner The Flying Dutchman II has gone adrift with passengers still aboard, but the ships picks up a stray spacecraft containing a well meaning cyberman named Kroton who decides to fix the robotic pilot that appears to be roughly inspired by the Space Jockey from Alien, with a large upper body fused with the control seat, and insect or elephant like face from which extends a pipe running down the front of the chest. Unfortunately the passengers have been living for eternity caught in a time warp and the Cyberman's attempt to help them resulting in bringing the ship out of warp speed means death for the passengers. For the whole story see " Ship of fools" at

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