HR Giger: Deathbirth Machine II (work 342) (1977) references Then Inspector #2 (October 1974)?


leading from
"Deathbirth Machine II" (work 342) (1977) by HR Giger
The cover of The Inspector #2, October 1974  
a) Deathbirth Machine II" (work 342) (1977) by HR Giger



b) Then Inspector #2 (October 1974)

c) The two side by side with The Insprector cover reversed


c) The face of the Inspectore is transformed into a woman's head with the chin becoming her upper body and the nose becomes a face guard of some sort resembling an eyeless metal face unless the ey has become the jaw hinge.



c) The lipstick mark on the nose becomes the toothy mouth of this monstrous faceguard


d) The eye area generall becomes the woman's face with the collar becoming the skull face behind


e) The blue coat collar becomes a skull face imbedded in the back of the woman;s head, while the lower part of the coat becomes the area with interlocking arms of the woman with the large head dress and the skull face formed fused into her from behind


f)  The belt becomes the lower arm



 h)  The hand with three fingers becomes three horizontal pipes



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