Alien: Alien Stage III, alternate second version (work 370?) (1978 ) by HR Giger

Alternate to Alien Stage III, second version, with a row of back 
pipes and perhaps with an Egyptian brain hook type tongue 
(source: Alien Evolution documentary)
a) Humanoid form
Further into the evolution of the design, the form of the creature's body becomes more recognisably humanoid. 
b) Head
This biomechanoid doesn't really have a dome stretched across the cranium, or if it has, the goggles and the spines at the back are sticking out of the back of the dome. 

c) The hand with five digits
And this one has only five digits on its hands. 
d) Shadow on tongue like Egyptian brain hook
The new design for the tongue starts out as elongated and curved up at the end, the shadow part of the tongue in this terrible photo glimpsed in the Alien Evolution documentary makes it look like an Egyptian brain hook for debraining corpses in the mummification process, although it might have simply looked like a baguette sticking out of the creature's mouth. 

But later in the development of this painting, the tongue became tubular with a sharp point on one side and a protruding spine sticking out ready to puncture its victim.
Egyptian brain hook
e) Back spines
Tentacles or spines sticking out of the lower part of the back stood nearly vertical in the final version of this although at one point it has a row of four pipes sticking out of the back.

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