Alien: Evolution of the script via Blood From The Mummy's Tomb ?


a) Discovery of Queen Tera's tomb

In "Blood From The Mummy's Tomb" (film released 1971) the derelict ship and the birth temple would be the tomb of Queen Tera discovered whose corpse is found in a perfect state of preservation
The explorers take the contents away , the sarcophagus and relics such the snake and cat statue, as well as the jackyll skull.
Perhaps the jackyll skull might be comparable to the Space Jockey's skull brought back from the derelict ship in the original Alien script
There isn't actually a hunt because the monster is the spirit of Queen Tera who appears to be in a state of unrest.

b) Jackyll Skull becomes the head of the Space Jockey?
b.i) The jackyll skull as seen in the tomb 



b.ii)  See: Head of the Space Jockey for Alien by Chris Foss


c) Development of the chestburster?
The archaeologist Julian Fuchs and his team discover the tomb of Queen Tera and at that moment, they open the sarcophagus , his wife gives birth to a child but dies in childbirth,


d) The Alien beast?

d.i) The daughter grows up to be a replica of Queen Tera.  

d.ii) Mysterious jewel
Her father, Professor Fuchs, gives her Queen Tera's ring which bears a star pattern within the jewel, as if trying to help set of the Queen's revival

It's as if Dan O'Bannon took note of the presence of a jewel and this set off a need to incorporate elements of the story, as if absurb ideas and behaviour around the presence of jewels is the thing that set him off

Curiously the story has elements shared with the James Bond film with the discovery of the tomb leading to Professor Fuchs daughter being a replice of Queen Tera at the beginning being like the discovery of  a facility where Blofeld lookalikes are being created, and there he finds a man in a bath of mud that might as well be comparable to a sarcophagus

d.iii) Vicious kills
The character Geoffrey Dandridge keeps the jackyll skull in a box put away in a cupboard
Soon he is found dead with his throat torn open and the mysterious shadow of a dog against the wall
As the lead characters go in search of the relics, the same happens with the owners of the cat and snake sculptures.
The shadows of these relics appear to come to life in the death scenes
This would be the equivalent of the big beast in Alien picking its victims off


d.iv) End fight
It culminates in a scene in a replica of Queen Tera's tomb found in the basement of Proffessor Fuchs' house.

A fight takes place between the revived Queen Tera and her reincarnation before the house falls in upon them

d.v) Escape
One escapes death, taken away by ambulance, and turns up alive bandaged up in a hospital, soon to awake.
Perhaps the ambulance becomes the escape shuttle, and still we don't quite know who survived and what will happen next 

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