Event Horizon: Echoes of "Hellraiser"

leading from
Event Horizon 

As a basic concept, Event Horizon began to sound like Hellraiser in Space which sounded like what Bill Malone's original premise for the film originally called "Dead Star" aimed to be with the devil unleashed aboard a space craft and the development of that project was brought to a halt by the end of 1990 and later the film project was transformed into something else quite different when Walter Hill later got his hands on the script and turned it into the film "Supernova" released in 2000. Paul Anderson and his producer were inspired by the transforming nature of the Lament Configuration Cube. The ship through vision of the dead wife of Sam Neil's character Doctor William Weir "I have such wonderful things to show you" before gouging out his eyes, echoes Pinhead from Hellraiser's utterance to those who have just solved the lament configuration and opened the portal, "We have such sights to show you" and this for many making the connection between the two films transformed Event Horizon into something highly derivative.

Pinhead from Hellraiser

Dotor William Weir transformed in Event Horizon
Event Horizon

Event Horizon

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