Carlos Huante's red Bullbox alien

 leading from
 Red Bullbox alien  (as shown in 
Creatures of Prometheus Talk Addendum
released 26 Oct 2020) by Carlos Huante


a) The Bullbox beast

Huante created an image of something called the Bullbox alien because it was to him like a bull and also boxlike in places . 
But this was also one of his later ideas for his neomorphs.
Loosely resembling his Ultramorphs that had gestated in the engineers, this one had taken a very distinctly clunky mechanical forms from its host to the extent that it was more mechanical than biomechanical even and that its host must have been naturally this way
But at the end of the day it was still a biomechanoid with some curiously clunky mechanical parts for whatever reason.
This begs the question about whether he drank cans of Red Bull at the time.

b) Method of Reproduction 
Huante had described a method of reproduction for the Ultramorph that was based on the idea the creature biting the host and then the saliva entering the host's bloodstream leading to the birth of another creature.

Then he describes the Bullbox alien's method of reproduction by infection with saliva that appears to be the Ultramorph's method of reproduction, so it's as if the two creatures are loosely fused together as ideas.

  1. Carlos Huante: This is a character I invented, er, based on an idea that I had that would be between the er Neomorphs say and a Xenomorph, and er, in a. It's a long idea that I had. I wrote down some notes about this actually and erm. This is the bull box (35:00) alien and it's really mechanical, really more than biomechanical even and that's because the being that it went into was naturally this way and my idea was that regardless of how far out these neomorphs would initially come out from their first birth of whatever species they would invade, right and they would use as hosts, that would eventually becomes what we know as xenomorphs and that would be in three generations right,  (Prometheus talk addendum)   
  2. Carlos Huante: So and the other idea I had was that, that you know how they're always salivated when they're opening, you see a drop, you know they find it on the floor that gel, these things are always dropping. One of the ideas I had is when these things bite, and I think that I mentioned this in the first Creature Talk One, that when they bite, er that, that fluid that would be er (36:00) released into the person that it bit or you know disabled by you know punching a hole with their you know mechanical mouth shooting out er and punching a hole in their heads or wherever you know, er they were... mostly head, just blow their heads out you know projectile jaw, erm that they will also release saliva in there and then it would mix into the blood er stream of that host, and that would have also an effect and it would influence what that xenomorph that is in that embryo that is implanted er in that body would look like. You know, so it's not just er you know, disabling of the host to cocoon them. I thought it would actually play a part in the er whatever this er, the xenomorph would actually look like. You know what would it come out influence er the actual final creature (37:00) so erm, I came up with all that when I designed this creature, erm, so er and this was done like you know well after everything, I just felt like screwing around. Er, the Bullbox er, xenomorph, well the red xenomorph but I like to call it the Bullbox because it just feels like a bull and it's so boxy, you know, erm, you know (Prometheus talk addendum)  

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