Paul Klee's Carnival In The Mountains

leading from

Paul Klee's Carnival In The Mountains (1924)

a.i) References Otto Dix's Skat players : Card Playing War Invalids (1920)

19th February 2017, looking at Paul Klee's painting, I started to see the connection between Otto Dix's paintings

a.ii) Two heads, one from Krap Players and the other from Carnival In The Mountains

a.iii) Angular forms from krap players and carnival in the mountains. The arm going over the head with raised elbow aligned with the coat stand frame becomes angular white line entering the forehead of the strange robot like head, and the curling lower hooks on the coat stand become the smaller angular forms, reflected.

a.iv) Wooden pegs legs with leg stumps and table become the bird

a.v) Head and lightbulb become mountain and circular form, perhaps a sun or moon.

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