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Weyland announces revolutionary Internet Explorer partnership

San Francisco, CA - May 14, 2075

Today, Weyland Industries, the Earth's leader in communications, electronics and strategic interstellar investments, announces the first step in a move towards planetary network ubiquity through a strategic partnership with the Internet Explorer team.

The partnership will utilize Internet Explorer technology to fuel Weyland Corporation websites and applications. The first Weyland solution utilizing Internet Explorer technology will be unveiled on Wednesday. The Weyland Careers Training Center will provide prospective candidates for Project Prometheus evaluation as well as streamlining the application process for those that hope to be a member of this historical project.

"We are proud to partner with Weyland Industries, the galaxy's most respected electronics manufacturer, joining forces will provide great benefits to both Weyland Industries as well as Internet Explorer customers," stated spokesperson for Internet Explorer. "Since Internet Explorer spearheaded the earth-wide 'Wi-Fi Access Movement of 2029,' information collection, absorption and dissemination has been faster, freer and more intuitive for both Earth based citizens and, in the near future, those across galaxies."

David 8 pre-orders exceed analyst's best expecations

Henri Gaston Colony, HD 202206bm - December 23, 2072

For Weyland the choice to partner with the Internet Explorer team was simple, given Internet Explorer's long history of providing enterprise and galaxy-wide communications systems. Internet Explorer products are consistently more robust, providing inherent privacy and protection far beyond the capabilities of any other service licensed by the Interplanetary Telecommunications and Standardization Governing Body, Rule: 1492.

"A partnership was only natural given the history of these two companies," expressed Sheila Meridian, citizen relations councilor, Weyland Industries. "Now our products and services will be more in sync than ever. And that's good for consumers on every planet," says Meridian.

This extraordinary partnership paves the way for further joint product development and promises a new era of advanced communications for every citizen of the galaxy.

Weyland Industries will continue to assess Internet Explorer technology and apply solutions across Weyland to standardize how both employees and prospective employees interact with systems and perform tasks from home finances, to new device innovation, to world building.


Prometheus: An innovative new technology for interstellar travel

San Francisco, CA - July 9, 2072

Heliades, the galaxy's first ever FTL vehicle, has been the proud flagship of the Weyland Transportation division since 2034. Today, after thirty-eight years of development, Weyland announces the newest member of its impressive fleet: the larger, safer, FTL-capable, Prometheus.

The first mission of Prometheus is planned for next summer, 2073. Plans for Prometheus' maiden voyage are already underway, and Weyland Citizen Relations personnel anticipate record numbers of civilians turning out to watch this highly-anticipated event, as Prometheus rises from the launch pad en route to the stars for the first time.

"She's quite a ship," admires Corin McManna, Heliades pilot and member of Prometheus test flight crew. "I've flown hundreds of FTL missions on Heliades class vessels, but this would be the most exciting one yet."

Captain McManna plans to compete for the helm of the first Prometheus, along with several other highly-qualified FTL pilots. "I want this job," states McManna, "But there is an extremely high calibre of candidates to beat out. It'll be tough."

Weyland spokesperson, William Concordov, notes that the Prometheus class vessel will open up previously uncharted regions of space. "Prometheus can take us to KOI-2410 and beyond, past the furthest of our Weyland-built worlds," says Concordov. "Where Heliades leaves off, Prometheus picks up. And this is just the beginning. Who knows where Weyland will go next or what our Prometheus crews will discover while traveling to each of our unique terraformed colonies and beyond, extending the reaches of the known universe?"


Weyland Cybernetics announces immediate recall of David 7 models

San Francisco, CA - June 14, 2071

The Weyland Cybernetics division has announced a limited recall of all David 7 units with serial numbers between 5000 and 6000, types A through C, in response to consumer claims that these models experienced failure while attempting to interpret certain human interactions and commands.

"It appears that a handful of Weyland Cybernetics Repair Stations, mostly on Earth and Luna, have received some reports, less than a few dozen reports, that certain David 7 units...have malfunctioned while in service," explains Kathryn Stuart-Rose, a Weyland Cybernetics spokesperson.

Weyland Industries will be collecting the David models at no cost to the consumer and plan to conduct studies to determine the cause of the malfunction. David 7 owners may choose to wait until the conclusion of the study to receive a next-generation model at discount prices, or receive a David 7 replacement at no extra charge.

"It appears that one of the emotion mapping and facial recognition sensors is the root of the problem," Stuart-Rose further explains, "The David 7's apparently misread human emotions such as surprise and interest, interpreting them instead as anger or frustration."

It is not currently known whether the recall will extend to other models. David 7 owners are advised to carefully observe non-recall models and note any strange or unusual behavior. If any David 7 unit appears to become even mildly uncooperative, aggressive or unresponsive, they should deliver him to a certified Weyland Cybernetics repair station immediately.

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