HR Giger: Necronom IV (work 303) (1976) references Cinzano Zebra poster (1956) by Bernard Villemot?

leading from  

a) Necronom IV (work 303) (1976) by HR Giger, Necronom IV, acrylic on paper on wood, 150x100cm, 1976


b)  Cinzano Zebra poster (1956) by Bernard Villemot.


c) Nose of the zebra becomes the front of the head of the Necronom beast

d) Bottle becomes upper torso with shoulders, while the stripes on the right of the bottle become rubs



e) Stripes and backpipes with other appendages

f) The eye and the drooping pipes 

g) Ear area becomes the end of the tail like form

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