Prometheus : Engineer Ship Ampule Set

In 2093, the Weyland Corporation flagship ‘Prometheus’ arrived on moon LV-223 in search of ‘Engineers’, the creatures Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) believed were responsible for our entire existence and evolution, ‘invited’ via a series of ancient star maps found across the world. Their most significant and pivotal discovery were these vials, found carefully positioned around a mammoth statue inside the hermetically sealed chamber and full of a primordial black slime capable of rewriting DNA. (


As always the Weyland Corporation’s true intentions are veiled and far from ethical, their newest robot David (Michael Fassbender) carrying out his own ‘experiment’, infecting Holloway with a mere drop of the substance with catastrophic repercussions resulting in shocking revelations: The Engineers weren't coming to change us, they were coming to destroy us. Their ship buried beneath the pyramid was packed with the vials full of their own brand of biological warfare. (


Three different sizes of these memorable pieces were made and seen in the Ampule Chamber, this set includes all three sizes, with the smallest at 46 cm (18”), middle sized version at 57 cm (22.5") and the largest at 77 cm (30.5") tall. ‘Raku’ pottery specialist Rob Sollis was recruited to craft the pivotal urns which took interesting inspiration from delicate Roman glass. This particular version is created from hard biscuit foam with a resin skin. Each ampule has alien text etched vertically into the gently curving body and every unit has its own bespoke special metallic paint effect incorporating silver, gold, brass and even blue colours to achieve an ethereal presence. In addition to the outstanding paint effect, each ampule was distressed to reflect its ancient heritage and remains in very good condition with some minor scuffs revealing the cream coloured resin beneath. (

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