HR Giger: Necronom IV (1976) by HR Giger references the box art from Pink Panther Flakes (1973)?

a)  Pink Panther Flakes box art (1973)

b) Necronom IV (work 303) (1976) HR Giger

c) Upper comparable parts

d) The snout becomes the face with the nose becoming the eye goggle

e) Here the arm on the right becomes similar in position to the biomechanoid's arm nearer to the viewer in the foreground

f) The eye that becomes a drooping side pipe and the ear that becomes a skull

g) The ear that becomes a skull

h) The neck and the back of the head. Of course on Giger's biomechanoid it has become extremely elongated at the back


i) Perhaps its tail inspired something of the backpipes

If that's so, the then arm on the left becomes this upper back spike that looks as if it would support the head


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