Jack Kirby's Pakal's tomb lid inspired space vehicle with the giant pilot statue references Giger's Necronom I & III?

a) Kirby's Space Capsule configuration as an evolution of an earlier one he did?
Kirby drew a capsule for £3 of his 1975 comic Omac, but he used that general configuration for his space vehicle in The Eternals.

chapter 3 of Omac, #3, April 1975
Space Capsule from Kill Omac and the space vehicle statue illustration from The Eternals

Double page spread The Eternals #1, July 1976

b) Space vehicle statue references Pakal Votan Tomb lid 
This would have been a general starting point, inspired by Von Daniken's work, the relief on a Mayan Tomb Lid, thought by Eric Von Daniken to represent a extra-terrestrial king who flew a rocket

c) Referencing his 1957 comic book story  "The Great Stone Face"
However this presence of a huge giant statue in a spacecraft also goes back to his 1957 story of an ancient giant astronaut sitting at the controls of control room, in suspended animation with his heart beating once every thousand years. Which is quite incredible in the way the idea came back long before Von Daniken started writing his books of ideas about ancient astronauts
See:  "The Great Stone Face"

d)  References Necronom III?
Necronom III contains a humanoid inside a gunner pod that's part of a giant head.

In Kirby's drawing, it becomes stretched to the general configuration of his rocket vehicle from Omac.

The mouth becomes filled with an object.

The ribbing on the nasal ridge becomes a ribbed fin above the canopy.

Necronom III a

Necronom III and the space vehicle statue illustration

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