Angelus (1857-1859) by Jean-François Millet references Baphomet, in Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie, (1856) by Eliphas Levi?


 leading from
a) Angelus (1857-1859)  by Jean-François Millet

b)  If I'm going to point out comparisons between the two, I'll have to point out that I think that Levi's Baphomet references Sema tawy (without deities) on the side of the throne of Khephren discovered in 1853).
The answer might well be "No" but it's interesting to me in terms of the timing , and to say "Yes", Millet would have been simplifying everything in the most mundane way possible. .
The comparisons between the human figures and the side of the Baphomet might have to be looked at again later on because really I don't know what to say.

c) Creases in the Baphomet's skirt become the wheelbarrow handles while the moon becomes the wheel. This would be my leading clue.
c) The raise lower arm approximately becomes the male figure's upper arm, or is it that the upper part of the wing becomes the upper arm while the raised lower arm becomes the man's lower arm but reversed

d) The shoulder and arm becomes the woman's head facing down, neck and shoulders


f) Zigzags become the fork

g) Caduceus surrounded by a circular form (is that a shield) and the basket

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