Alien Production Timeline June 1978

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 Alien Production Timeline
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June This month the revised final draft of the Alien is completed 

Thursday 1st June 1978.
  1. Giger looked with Ridley at the second set of the Alien spacecraft and agreed it would be easier to execute than the one proposed and then later studied the facehugger with Dan O'Bannon 
Friday 2nd June 1978..
  1. Giger goes to see Roger Dicken's work and is not pleased and decides to model the creatures himself and Giger has a big furor about this, at home in the evening he was going crazy about this whole thing to Mia telling her that what Dicken did was completely shit. Giger goes to the Kings head to think about the whole issue. 
  2. Another shed for modelling has been put on on Stage B, and Giger is now introduced to Eddie Butler and they have a cast of Eddie Powell to work with. 
Saturday 3rd June 1978.
  1. Giger has a sleepless night working on sketches for the construction 
Sunday 4th June 1978.
  1. Giger works on modelling a finger 
Monday 5th June 1978.
  1. Giger painted models of bone mountains and is brought into Scott's office to inspect Bolaji Badejo. 
  2. Alien finger is cast. 
Tuesday 6th June 1978.
  1. Eddie starts work on the Alien stage III 
Wednesday 7th June 1978.
  1. The production company decides not to build the corridor as a single set due to budget and look for another way to deal with it, 
Thursday 8th June 1978.
  1. Giger works out how to deal with the costs for picture frames Derelict entrances is getting on well.  
  2. Giger discusses with Michael Seymour his problems with someone and Seymour would diplomatically deal with the person
  3. Giger shows two different heads to Ridley
Friday 9th June 1978.
  1. Giger visits Stage H to see the Alien Spacecraft entrance being built
Saturday 10th June 1978.
  1. Giger makes two versions of the alien head in styrofoam
  2. Mia works on the wings/backpipes
  3. Michael Seymoure and Les Dilley visit him just as everything is going wrong.  
Sunday 11th June 1978.
  1. Mia works on the Alien stage 2, a facehugger, using the ribcage of a small animal, back of a fox's skull, ribbed plastic tubes and plasticine.
Monday 12th June 1978.
  1. Giger intends to work on an upper arm and a thigh with buttocks and tail
  2. Ridley chose version V4 of the alien head and the back of the head from V4. The creature will have a tail like "The Magician" that sticks up between its legs like a penis when it attacks
  3. Giger takes a plain to Zurich to go the Art Basel art fair. He would meet up with Bijan Aalam, Sybille and Kamp and then go to Saxenried.
Tuesday 13th June 1978.

Wednesday 14th June 1978.

Thursday 15th June 1978.
  1. Giger returns to England by plane
Friday 16th June 1978.
  1. Roger Dicken comes to Shepperton Studios and demonstrates the Alien II (Chestburster) and Giger was impressed by the mechanics
  2. Ridley visits B stage afterwards
  3. Mia works on the Alien I skin
 Saturday 17th June 1978.
  1. Giger receives the cast of the Alien I facehugger in polyester and plaster. 
  2. Giger gives the core of Alien III to the plaster shop.
  3. JJ Wittmer arrives and stays at Warren Lodge, and will stay for one week.
 Sunday 18th June 1978.
  1. Mia flies to Zurich, she goes to make some payments and go to the last day of Art' 78
  2. Giger model a prototype of Alien II
Monday 19th June 1978.
  1. Film maker J J Wittmer arrives from Basel with Giger's camera to film him at work. 
  2. Giger has time to start on the plasticine model of the derelict. 
Tuesday 20th June 1978.

Wednesday 21st June 1978.
  1.  Mia returns from Zurich 
Thursday 22nd June 1978.
  1. The Fantastic Arts painter Robert Venosa visits Giger 
Friday 23rd June 1978.
  1. Giger worked on the alien tongue. George is brought in to do modelling but is slower than Eddie. 
  2. Final revised script from June 1978 up until October 4th 1978 for this day includes script revisions covering scenes 97-98, 140-143A. 149A-150, 156-170, 175F-190?
Saturday 24th June 1978.
  1. Rough outline of head is ready. 
  2. Jon Sorenson arrives at Bray Studio around mid-day with a small suitcase and £60.00 
  3. Final revised script from June 1978 up until October 4th 1978 for this day includes script revisions cover scenes 143B, 149
Sunday 25th June 1978..
  1. Alien head is ready. 
Monday 26th June 1978.
  1. Giger continued to work on head 
Tuesday 27th June 1978.
  1. Giger works on oval shaped shaft comes to an end when the set is scrapped. 
  2. The producers have now decided that the egg silo is to be an integral part of the derelict ship and now the shaft forms a direct passage from the cockpit to the egg silo. 
  3. George is busy with finger for Facehugger. The Facehugger is ready for casting. 
  4. Final revised script from June 1978 up until October 4th 1978 for this day includes script revisions covering scenes 13-18, 25-31, 33-35, 98-114
Wednesday 28th June 1978.
  1. Dan has the great idea of adding an opposing thumb on each hand of the Alien III. 
  2. Dennis Ayling does a lighting tests for the stars. 
  3. Eddie worked on one hand of Alien III. 
Thursday 29th June 1978.
  1. Agreement to make the creatures translucent. 
  2. Work on Alien III body continues to go ahead. 
  3. Dennis does a star test with painted star backing on black plastic. 
  4. Giger meets Sigourney Weaver who might want to move into the hotel. 
Friday 30th June 1978.
  1. Dennis Ayling continues with Star Backing tests. 
  2. Third day of Eddie working on the Alien hand. 
  3. Giger works on the belly and the legs. 
  4. The polyester cast of the head is finished. 
  5. Final revised script from June 1978 up until October 4th 1978 for this day includes script revisions cover scenes 21-24, 32-33

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