HR Giger: Necronom V (1976) by HR Giger references Bélial, Emperor of the Flies (1948) by Wifredo Lam ?

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a) Bélial, Emperor of the Flies (1948) by Wifredo Lam


b)  Necronom V (1976) by HR Giger


c) Upper left areas to compare

The dragon like form with the forked tail and wings on the upper left becomes this curious entity who would be the starting point for the design of the dead alien pilot in Alien, but in terms of this painting I appear to want to refer to him as an Easy Rider (after the Dennis Hopper movie) with a reptile head like lower limb riding on the back of the long head of the female biomechanoid dominating the painting,




c.i) It might be that the moon becomes the highlight around the eye sockets of the EasyRider while the black wing becomes the chin tendril.

Perhaps The space between the head and the beck of the dragon becomes the Easy Rider's eye socket,




c.ii)  The arrow tipped tail becomes the limb with a reptile's head

c.iii) This small beasts head with horns seems to have become asborbed into the shoulder details

d) Middle left areas to compare mainly showing the strange female andhow it compares to the torso of the Easy Rider


d.i)  So here the long neck of the strange female figure dominating the left of the painting becomes the upper arm of the Easy Rider

d.ii)  The knife becomes the back pipe while the black shadowy wing like form seems to become the space between the Easy Rider's back and the pipe, while the strange female figure's buttocks like form becomes the buttocks of the female humanoid stretched across Giger's painting

d.iii) The hand holding the little Elegua in the dish becomes the hand holding the handlebar, while the hanging leg of the dragon like thing becomes the handlebar




e) Lower right areas to compare


e.i) The legs covered by a skirt become the upper arm of the main female biomechanoid with its elongated cranium, while this pale limp figure hanging down the front of the skirt becomes an arm support.

Here the feet becomes the elbow


e.ii) Here the pale feet and the pale hand for the lower arm, while a disk shape pool of fluid becomes a hand, while the black foot between the hand and the pool of fluid becomes a metal band on the wrist of the arm



f) Comparable upper right areas

f.i) highlighted area on the back of the dark beast's head becomes a hand


f.ii) Dark beast's face and surrounding empty area becomes the female biomechanoids head



f.iii) The dark face itself also becomes the victims head , as if the teeth have become its tongue

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