HR Giger's Necronom V (work 304) (1976)

leading from:

a) My explorations so far have brought me to see a variety of complexities involved in the creation of this painting.

I thought about how you could have different levels of bodies and body parts making up a structure as in Salvador Dali's "Soft construction with boiled beans (Premonition of civil war)" (1936), and how various shapes and forms could echo Mark Rothko's Gethsemane, how the rider dominating the painting appears inspired by the human figure from the Pakal Votan tomb lid, but also she is a vehicle as well being ridden upon by a smaller character.

Various shapes and details appear to echo Pink Panther comic book illustrations and it might appear as if Giger had been looking  at decorative items as from Easter Island as well. Perhaps he thought about turning a somelier knife into a mysterious alien body.

There might be an echo of the Micronaut Microtron character with the little character on the upper left in Necronom V riding the large female as if it were the little Micronaut time traveller who rides on Mictron's head that's transformed into a seat, and so Microtron's phallic drill becomes the horn like breast forms of the large Necronom female.

The idea perhaps is that these entities on the page merge together to becomes a mysterious vehicle of sorts a post apocalyptic family camper perhaps as it evolves hundreds or thousands of years into the future cruising through limitless stargates.

So in a lot of these paintings it's a case of see what relates to what in the various images and merging them, perhaps picking out the most interesting features from the different images etc

b) See :References Salvador Dali's "Soft construction with boiled beans (Premonition of civil war)" (1936)?

c) See: References Mark Rothko's Gethsemane (1944)?


e) See: References the  Lord Pakal/"Pakal Votan" tomb lid?

f) See: Upper figure references Maoi Kava-Kava ancestral figure?

g) See:  Upper figure's boat shaped body references Easter Island Rei Miro sculpture

h) See: Space Jockey's lower limb references Sommelier knife bodies

i) See: References Mobile homes and Fisher Price Family Camper

j) See: References Microtron (Micronaut toy)

k) See:  References the cover of The Pink Panther #33 comic book


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