Aliens: A little boy named named Pepe who bites becomes a little girl named Newt who also bites?

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a) A little boy named named Pepe who bites becomes a little girl named Newt

In the story Asterix in Spain story, upon learning that a village of Iberian resistance fighters have refused Roman rule, Julius Caesar and his Romans kidnap Chief Huevos Y Bacon's son Pepe and send him to Gaul as a hostage, where Asterix and Obelix defeat Pepe's escort of Roman soldiers and shelter him in their village. 

When Pepe's mischief frustrates the Gauls, Asterix and Obelix are assigned to take him home. Accordingly, Asterix, Obelix, Pepe, along wih the dog named Dogmatix travel to Iberia (which is now Spain), where Spurius Brontosaurus (the leader of Pepe's Roman escort) accompanies them in disguise.

In Aliens, Upon finding that Hadley's Hope on LV426 has gone quiet, Carter Burke takes a battalion of Colonial Marines to the distant planetoid, under the guise of a friendly easy going figure.

So the character Pepe appears to become a starting point for the young girl Newt who Ripley and the Marines discover in Hadley's hope


Little Pepe irritating his Roman captors, Asterix of Spain p9

When Newt first speaks in Aliens and says her nickname

b) Pepe and Newo also bite

b.i) When Pepe first meets the Romans, he hits Julius Caesar's on the back of the head with a stone and he tells his soldiers to confiscate his sling.

Little Peper bites a soldier's fingers

 b.ii) He also bites Obelix who he distrusts as does Newt  

b.iii) Obelix hits Pepe with a fish and so Pepe bites him

c) Series of images showing Hicks reaching in to grab Newt from a crawl space while Ripley looks in and Newt bites Hicks 

When Ripley and the marines first encounter Newt and try to pull her out of the crawl space, she bites Hicks on the hand


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