Alien Resurrection : Motorised wheelchair (1997) by Sylvain Despretz references Nostromo Lander - Owl design (1978) for Alien by Ron Cobb?

 leading from



a) Motorised wheelchair for Alien Resurrection(Film released 1997) Sylvain Despretz.

(Source: Facebook page for Los ángeles - a book of drawings and writing about movies.)


b) Nostromo Lander - Owl design (1978) for Alien by Ron Cobb, (which like the motorised wheelchair also appears to reference  'The Snap-dragon-fly' for Lewis Carroll's Alice Through The Looking Glass (1871) by John Tenniel)

Nostromo Lander - Owl design


c) One above the other with the motorised wheelchair reversed

c) What they did with the insect head. 

The cockpit and some mechanical part of the chair that doesn't have a label



d) Side thrusters become the wheel skirting

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