HR Giger: Necronom IV (work 303) (1976) by HR Giger references Fashion Photo, Eida, Paris 1973 by Helmut Newton?


leading from



a) Necronom IV by HR Giger

Necronom IV (work 303) (1976) by HR Giger,
acrylic on paper on wood, 150x100cm

b) Fashion Photo, Eida, Paris 1973 by Helmut Newton



c) Comparable areas one above the other. 

Mostly this is to do with fantasies about human forms along with transparent structures. So the woman wears a coat made form transparent materials 

We can see that Necronom IV has transparent structures to the point of there being a transparent bubble at the end of the tail with a skeleton inside. 

The back pipes have some transparency to them. But something like this Newton photograph enables Giger to have ideas to play with the light amongst other things


d) Here you could say arm on the right bent at the elbow and the breast become the Necronom IV's head and top rear appendage that the long head and the nipple becomes the eye and with that the hand on the hip becomes the shoulder

e) So once we've seen what became of this arm in Giger's painting, we might want to look at the reflectons in the lower arm of the coat beneath the arm and think about how that might have inspired some element of the reflecton on the backpipes

f) And going on from there, perhaps even the light reflections on the ribbing of the barely seen back fins below the pipes

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