Alien: Resurrection: "USM Auriga" model miniature

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  • "USM Auriga" model miniature from Alien: Resurrection. (TCF, 1997) Constructed of cast fiberglass, foamcore board, resin, vacuum formed plastic and metal components. Expertly studio assembled and painted in ominous black and grays. With sculptural tech and various electrical and mechanical components attached overall. In the film, the central ship is the USM Auriga, a "top secret" stealth-capable medical research vessel. The ultimate design of the ship is by concept artists Jim Martin and Sylvain Despretz. The ribbed side panels located at the mid-point of the ship's hull were designed to imply the spindly fingers of a "Facehugger". The highly detailed miniature ship measures 12 ft. long and is housed in a custom crate measuring approx. 150 x 44 x 46 in. Exhibiting age, production wear, some paint rubbing, missing elements and cracking. In vintage very good condition. Special shipping arrangements will apply.  (source

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