Alien Resurrection: Paul Anderson considered for director

leading from

a) After the success of his film Mortal Kombat, Paul Anderson's desire to make a movie combining horror and SF led to discussions about directing the Alien Resurrection script but bowed out due to scheduling conflicts.

b) He stated that he felt that the script had everything he wanted from an Alien movie, guns and lots of Aliens running around althought that might sound better for an Aliens fan, however he was someone who did love the Alien movies.

  1. Empire: A lifelong fan of both horror and science fiction, Anderson jumped at the chance to combine his two favourite genres. Following his successful video game adaptation of Mortal Kombat (number one at the US box office for three weeks), the young director actively sought scripts with an effects slant. This led to discussions about directing the Alien Resurrection script (Empire, September 1997 , p75)
  2. Paul Anderson: It's got what you want from an Alien movie; guns and lots of Aliens running around. (Empire, September 1997 , p75 )
  3. Empire: Yet he bowed out over scheduling problems  (Empire, September 1997 , p75)
  4. Paul Anderson: In a way , it would have been a great movie to do because I love Alien movies. But I've grown up with Alien. I saw 20 years ago what the Alien could do and it still does the same thing. I think that's the problem with a lot of monster movies - how do you scare people with it? (Empire, September 1997 , p75)

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