Alien: Construction of the egg silo

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  1. HR Giger: 26th July 1978. With little pleasure and little courage, I get back to work. I integrate the chest elements, already consigned to the dustbin into my castrated design (plate 33b-m ( j not provided)), and the producers are delighter. They have decided to spare them in spite of the expenditure of materials and working time. The small chest piece that I've modelled is made in full size by the modellers and is prepared in clay (plates 388 a-o). As with all models a rubber mould is made of it. To make the cast positive more resistant, strips of jute are laid in the plaster and reinforced at the back with a wooden framework. About 120 of these elements have to be made to build a whole wall. Each one is hold up with the block and tackle and fixed to the basic tube frame. Built - filmed - scrapped. Why should I get so steamed up about something so ephemeral. Everyone is satisfied with the solution Scott will know how to make the best of it. All is well again. (Giger's Alien, p44)



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