HR Giger: Deathbirth Machine II" (work 342) (1977) references “The Death of Socrates” (1787) by Jacques Louis David?

leading from
a) Jacques Louis David's "Death of Socrates

b) Deathbirth Machine II" (work 342) (1977) by HR Giger

c) The two side by side with the Death of Socrates reversed

d) Leg becomes a leg like limb formation



e) Plato as an old man 's upper body is reversed and becomes the female biomechanoid's upper body. His arm becomes her arm.

f) Shoulder of the young man on the left becomes the woman's legs at the knee area.

g) This area beomes transformed into the collection of interconnected hears.

Perhaps the bars on the window help to inspire elements of the ribbing on the woman's headgear

 h) Arms of man with blue sleeves becomes the neck and jaw of a metal mask with teeth

g) Arms and hands are replicated

h) Diffuser becomes an item with spikes either side, while its shadow becomes a baby's head poking out of the barrel of a cannon

i) Here the feet of the man in the orange red robe becomes the ribbed pipe an the foot of the man in the turquoise coloured robe becomes the rat's behind hanging out of the end of the sausage skin

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