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December 26th 2018

i) Added: HR Giger: Carmen I (work 618) (1988/1989) references Radio Times illustrations for the Proms 88 
ii) Added: HR Giger: Alien Monster II (work 407) (1978) references photo of Louis Jourdan as Count Dracula

December 22nd 2018

i) Updated: HR Giger: Comparison between Alien Monster IV and Dali's "Daddy Longlegs of the Evening - Hope!'" expanding the exploration, and rewriting it since it looked mostly meaningless jibberish, which I admit is a problem with a lot of these explorations of the paintings perhaps because there is a problem inventing any form of description for a number of these things. There isn't a virtual finger pointing to all these things in the paintings saying "Can you hang around and see this, I don't know what to call it, but look at this and see how it compares to that, and I don't know what to call that other thing either"

December 21st 2018

i) Updated: Giger's Alien Monster IV references the face of J G Ballard? Ballardalien? (changing its name from "Alien Monster IV shows a Picasso-ised J G Ballard face?") because it was generally incomprehensible or perhaps I can try to be kind about myself and claim that my writing manner was too much like a cubist painting itself when I was trying to describe the similarities and I've managed to add photo comparison between various features. 

December 20th 2018

i) Added Alien III (Side view II, first state) references a Radio Times portrait photo of JG Ballard?
ii) Added JG Ballard portrait photo for the Radio Times in December 1973, references Salvador Dali's Autmnal Cannibalism ?

December 17th 2018

i) Updated Alien:Initial casting of Jon Finch as Kane with the with the "Jon Finch Sets The Record Straight" segment from the Alien Quadrilogy blu-ray set. I don't know how I forgot about it, it's been transcribed already on the internet, but I went back to the source to make sure everything I could transcribe was transcribed 

December 16th 2018

i) Added: Alien: Outside The Medical Bay because of Scifi Now magazine had published an interview with Veronica Cartwright where she talks about the slapping Sigourney Weaver episode and Charles Lippincott had just talked about it on Facebook too

December 8th 2018

i) Added: Cabinet Door For Mia (work 414) (1979) by HR Giger references The Blackpool Tower Circus illustration for The Radio Times for August 24th 1974?

December 1st 2018

i) Added: Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem - Alien Warrior Head with photos of another prop to be found on Propstore
ii) Added: Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem - Hero “Tom” Mechanical Head with photos of another prop to be found on Propstore
iii) Added: Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem - Battle Damaged Xenomorph with photos of another prop to be found on Propstore 


November18th 2018

i)  Added a new sketch of the Alien xenomorph by Vincenzo Natali to "Vincenzo Natali and the Alien"

November 15th 2018 

i) Just corrected the year of the magazine looked at in the article Empire magazine (June 2017) exclusive subscribers cover. Oddly I had written 1997 and I admit that when I'm writing these blogs, I end up not having much of a clue what year it is going by the way I realised that in the previous entry, I had written 2017 instead of 2018 which I've corrected. The various errors made in the blog usually stand uncorrected until I work them out for myself, probably years later, So it goes that I wonder if there's a special virus on the blog that changes information in slight ways to make the blogger look stupid.
ii) Added: Prometheus: Engineer suit sketches in the background of a work studio
which is nothing knew, but it's been hanging around amongst my pages to post for a long time and appear to be drawings that require a page of their own. It would be nice to know who drew them. I might wonder if they're by Neville Page, but they look as if the person enjoyed Giger's style of imagery in a simple way.

November 9th 2018

i) Added Alien Resurrection: Calling Sigourney, giving an account of when she was alerted about the then new Alien script, mostly lifted from an Empire article, because of their recently release Empire Classic #4 about the Alien series. Oddly I had overlooked the article in recent years. Perhaps there is more to add.
ii) Updated: Alien: Resurrection: Signing Jeunet On with additional information from an Indiewire interview
iii) Added: Cronenberg's Crash: Vaughan's tattoo as a henu barque?
iv) Added: Alien Resurrection: Arthur Lee's Alien Warrior references Vaughan's tattoo in David Cronenberg's Crash?
v) Added: Alien Resurrection: Arthur Lee's Alien Warrior references Pablo Picasso's "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" (1907)?

November 1st 2018

i) Updated: Giger's Use Of Opium with the report of Dan O'Bannon's addiction to opium and Steve Johnson's curious claim that Giger was using heroin (which is an opiate) which caused the end of his creativity. It might seem as if Steve was throwing his curious suspicions around that might speak of typical behaviour in Hollywood.


October 21st 2018

i) Added: Alien: Hypersleep Chamber
ii) Added: photo of Nostromo commissary aboard the Nostromo in Alien from Fantastic Films magazine

October 19th 2018

i) Added another part to the Alien Covenant: Comparison to the Asterix comic book stories
comparing the blackened dead engineers across the landscape to the Roman soldiers burnt by the thrusters of the landing space rocket in "Asterix and the Falling Sky". I don't like that Asterix story very much but it seemed to have helped with the idea going by the way I see it.
ii) Updated the Alien Covenant: Hall of Heads page with other concept art for the room by Ev Shipard and a Photoshop merger of shots from the down sweep by the camera of the hall of heads room
iii) Updated Alien: Giger's second design for a humanoid alien concept with a photo of a painting shown in "Giger" by HR Giger, showing another early stage in the side view of the development of the Alien creature which seems to be an evolution from the first design.

October 11th 2018

i) Updated Aliens: Writing The Script with some information by James Cameron declaration
(http://www.entlawdigest.com/2013/02/07/Cameron%20Declaration.pdf ) for his lawsuit over the source of his Avatar lawsuit, but this information is now old hat on the internet anyway. It was good though to add something more about this Mother story of his.

October 7th 2018

i) Added: Alien Covenant: Grmeč Monument to the Revolution as domed temple entrance
ii) Added: Alien Covenant: Wayne Haag's shell like cathedral entrance

October 6th 2018

i) Added: Alien 5: Alien maquette
ii) Added images of vest and jacket to Alien Resurrection: Christie's costume


September 17th 2018

i) Added: Alex Garland on Alien
At the moment, there's not a lot coming from him on the subject, but still it's great when he has the opportunity to say something.

September 6th 2018

i) Updated Alien Resurrection: The God Light with a snippet from an interview with Ian Hunter from a deleted scene from Berton Pierce’s 'Sense of Scale' – A Documentary Film of Industry Model Making


August 25th 2018

i) Added: Alien: Nostromo Shuttle Emergency Spacesuit 
ii) Added: Alien: Space Jockey Plaster Maquette

August 21st 2018

i) Added :The Tourist VIII Two aquatic aliens by HR Giger (work 496)

August 12th 2018

i. Added:  N.Y. City II "Lovecraft over N.Y. City" (work 452) (1980) by HR Giger
This appears to reference a numerous Radio Times images, and the idea of the Egyptian mummification ritual image. Perhaps there's another aspect to it that I'm waiting to uncover that holds everything together.

August 11th 2018

i) Added: "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" poster (2018) references HR Giger's Necronom VI?

August 10th 2018

i) Added: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom artwork featuring Chris Pratt and Indoraptor references Giger's Necronom VIII?

August 9th 2018

i) Updated and re-edited the page showing various items associated with Packal Votan Tomb Lid
ii) Added: David Rubin's concept art for Alex De La Iglesia's El Santo, (Cancelled in 2017) which relates to the Pacal Votan tomb lid and inspiration from The Space Jockey

August 7th 2018

i) Re-edited and made additions to Medieval to Renaissance paintings incorporating the Henu Barque ?  (I haven't added much to the site but I have been making more explorations, it's been extremely hot and I admit that it's effecting me greatly. Perhaps I might admit that this whole Henu Barque thing has been rather troubling as well. I can see how people are interacting with the various things in that trail over the centuries but I really still don't know why or what was going on with it, and it's not easy to tell anyone else anything about it that might make sense without denying the value of the whole thing after five or six minutes out of complete and utter disbelief, and perhaps this is why I have been so effected by it. Still, the way that I'm discovering it it almost works like some sort of organised conspiracy or some sort of product of occult fascination being kept a closely guarded secret still after all these centuries.)


July 29th 2018

i) Added: Alien Resurrection: Alien Warrior by Arthur Lee (painted by Daniel Brodzik?) references Master Francke's Resurrection of Christ (1424) ?

July 26th 2018

i) Added: Beaubourg (work 437)  (1980) by HR Giger  (Arctic camera man and penguin from Twelve Flags South and Kiwi from Zoo Time transform into the Beaubourg centre) (Just to say that I'm suffering from the heatwave here in England)

July 14th 2018

i) Added: Alien covenant: The Xenomorph - Stripped down killing machine. but it's far from complete. and I find that the interviews seem to lack very little substance about what went on in the design of the creature. This isn't the fault of the people involved but nothing being said seemed interesting in the slightest. Perhaps once people start passing sculptures around and get enthusiastic about Zbrush, it becomes rather uninteresting. It's not as if they're getting obsessed about biomechanics etc or what they know about the alien, and perhaps they know very little about the subject matter. Still updating it though and liked Adam Johansen's words mentioning about how the 'xenomorph" became "a kit".

June 2018

June 30th 2018

i) Added N.Y. City XVII references the cover of the Radio Times, June 29th to June 25th 1968 
ii) Updated HR Giger's N.Y. City XVII Crowley 1981 (work 467) dividing it into various separate pages

June 26th 2018

i) Added: HR Giger's Necronom I (1976) references "A Philosopher Giving a Lecture on the Orrery" (1776) by Joseph Wright of Derby?

June 23rd 2018

i) Added: Mordor VI References "Kavin's World" front cover (book published 1969) painted by Frank Frazetta?
ii) Added an index page for Frank Frazetta works

June 22nd 2018

i) Updated Dan O'Bannon Meets Ron Cobb part 2 slightly with fragments of an interview published on http://www.geocities.ws/fixer1977/cobb3.html

June 20th 2018

i) Added: Poster for "The Land that Time Forgot" from 1975.
The realisation about this poster's connection appeared to send cracks in numerous directions shining light on various other bits of information. It came about because I had been taking an interest in the Jurassic World's posters and their relationship with Giger's world, which seemed to increase with the release of the new Jurassic Park sequel. Someone had posted The Land That Time Forgot poster on Twitter, and with streams of realisations about its relationship with Giger's work and where that poster was coming from and where images in its own lineage were coming from, it took a fair amount of work to even think about it really, off to a Mickey mouse illustration, a Pollock painting that I had encountered in my explorations and a Dali that seemed important in this network, but the mystery of where the Pollock was coming from suddenly unraveled itself along with the importance of a chain of associations going into the past from there, and the Mickey Mouse revealed itself to be based on a Dali, which probably isn't a surprise but any solid realisation about these connections ought to be a suprise. But it continues to become odd to think about how these images become a starting point for these artists and become transformed into something else.

Whether the much older paintings such as El Greco's which come up in this network are connected in the way that I'm being mentally presented remains debatable, but it's as if people in the early twentieth century were looking for these connections and were showing off various associations in their pieces of artwork, leaving me rather flummoxed, wondering who exactly was the central point of this association with the Henu Barque which seems to be this thing permeating people's artwork from multiple directions. Recently I made the associations between paintings connecting with Courbet's "The Origin of the world" which now even seemed to connect with Böcklin's The Isle of the Dead in my view. Perhaps there are many thousands of people who have made the same associations but have failed to make them public, or at least were not telling me about it. It also became rather strange to find that The Land That Time Forgot came up in this trail earlier on in the form of a science fiction magazine cover in the 1920s.

So here I am in the middle of 2018 putting these associations together trying to get my brain through these multiple directions that these various things go and realising that I have to blog them all, and doing this would perhaps lead to other connections between things erupting, being delivered to me from the far reaches of the collective conscious once it seems that there's somewhere to deliver these things to. By now it seems that I have a understood that there was a working relationship between certain comic book artists,  Salvador Dali as well as others during the 1930s, and talking about it further leads me into further confusion because it suggests too much of the idea of secretive associations and no one is showing me any secret documents.

I don't know what to say about the poster artist here though or his ability to choose works to base his ideas on, other than he seems to have taken ideas from some interesting works and it might be nothing more than that, but still he made an interesting contribution to the collective consciousness in this way and I think Giger appreciated it, whether or not he was thinking about it in the same way that I am. It would be lovely to say that this artist did this because of so-and-so and whatever, having said something or other to whatsisname but it doesn't work that way without information.

I am still looking for something else to refer to the Henu Barque by other than the Sokar Funerary Barque or Henu Boat, I haven't found the word, but Dali may well have labeled it in one drawing as The Emblem, which seems rather odd. I might even be wondering how otherworldly idea of this Barque can be perceived as well.

Something that equates with someone publishing a newsletter then going across the Atlantic would be a thing to wonder about.

ii) Added: Poster for "The Land that time forgot" from 1975 references the cover of "Mickey Mouse and the Pirate Submarine" by Floyd Gottfredson (1939)?
iii) Added: Giger's Mordor VI (1975) references poster for The Land That Time Forgot?
iv) Added: Pollock's "the moon-woman cuts the circle" (1942) references Dali's Autumnal Cannibalism (1936) no.1
v) Updated: Alien Covenant:: "The Planet Once More" from Moebius "Edena" inspires the discovery of the dead Engineers' city?

June 17th 2018

i) Added: HR Giger's Alien Hieroglyphs references the Radio Times 10th-16th June 1961 cover?

ii) Added: Alien Covenant:: "The Planet Once More" from Moebius "Edena" inspires the discovery of the dead Engineers' city?

June 14th 2018

i) Expanded the Alien Covenant: Danny McBride page a little

June 12th 2018  

i) Added: Echoes of Occator Crater in Organic painting (1988) by Moebius/jean Giraud

May 2018

May 30th 2018

i) Added The "origin of the world" line

May 6th 2018

i) Added: Comparisons between Giger's National Park (1975) and Occator Crater on Ceres

May 4th 2018

i) Added: The Nativity icon, St Catherine's Monastery, South Sinai Governorate, Egypt, from approximately 7th century AD references Occator Crater?
ii) With that added a list of various images connecting with The Occator crater lights on the Ceres planetoid

May 1st 2018

i) Added: "The Henu Barque trail: The Hergé - Salvador Dali passage, but more needs to be done. Obviously it horrifies me to think that I can perceive any of this at all and here I am trying to share it on a blog primarily about the Alien movies, connecting through this idea that there's a Henu Barque trail any of this is important to the development of Alien, which oddly it is but it's not as if anyone out there has heard of this trail any more and here I am appearing to map it out for all to see and perhaps even share. Perhaps it could be the nervous system of creative development for people to feel out through the ages if they so desire. Well, obviously everyone is out to prove that I'm wrong all the way.
ii) Added a separate page for : Herge's Unicorn Shipwreck also references Wyndham Lewis's Battery Shell?
iii) Added: Untitled Moebius 2010 drawing references Bullfight as Crucifixion by Sergei Eisenstein?
iv) Added: Alien Covenant: Neomorph illustration by Stephane Levallois (2016) which at the moment contains a comparison with Dali's Potrait of Emilio Terry and perhaps this will be given its own page eventually.

April 2018

April 30th 2018
i) Added: "The Portrait of Emilio Terry Unfinished" trail which stems from the Henu barque trail 

April 24th 2018
i) I managed to find out that I had written when trying to state that Giger was on opium because of the Swiss Doctors that "the Swiss Doctors were on opium", and had done this twice. This makes me incredibly worried about what is written on this blog and how long any of it will make sense, or is it some sort of program by the company that run the blogs that purposely seeks out important bits of text and jumbles it up slightly to cause confusion. The confusion has been corrected for now and might break out again. I do once recall finding the background of the site changed from black to white, so something odd does seem to happen. I'm obviously out to blame all my problems with this blog on an invisible virtual menace of some sort, but meanwhile I must accept that there'll always be something wrong in my writeups and sometimes these problems may never be seen for many months or even years. Well, it becomes a typical trial for me to make sure sure that I am not wearing myself out and have too many browser windows open at the same time. Perhaps Swiss Doctors are on opium and the truth has been trying to come out for many years. However Steve Johnson in a recent podcast made a claim that Giger took heroin and I am not sure what to say about that, but if I seem to be claiming that Swiss Doctors are opium addicts without realising my mistake, who knows what is to be said next.
See: Giger's use of opium 

April 23rd 2018
i) Began a chronology page  basically the events of 1979, basically marking the events of the release of Alien along with the dates of magazine articles etc. when possible.

April 19th 2018
i) Added index page for Steve Begg and corrected a page about how work on Terrahawks as it seemed as if the contents had fallen to bits.
ii) Added: Jurassic world: Fallen kingdom poster references Necronom III?

April 17th 2018
i) Added: Alien 3: Arthur's four piece complete costume, screen used
ii) Added: Alien 3: Aaron's (Ralph Brown) costume after explosion

April 16th 2018
i) Added: Alien 3:  Dillon's (Charles Dutton) costume
ii) Added: Alien 3: William's (Clive Mantle) costume

April 5th 2018
i) Added Jurassic World poster (2015) references HR Giger's Necronom I ?

April  1st 2018
i) Added Henri Matisse's Dance (1) (1909) exploring its link with Treasures of Satan

March 2018

March 30th 2018
i) Re-edited HR Giger: On the trail of the Pink Panther, dividing the various sections up in separate pages linked up to the page

March 28th 2018
i) Added: HR Giger: Alien Monster IV references wall relief in Douvier's office in "Revenge of the Pink Panther"?

March 25th 2018
i) Updated and re-edited The Henu Barque trail through the 20th century.
Experiencing a slight drag in realisations indeed

March 17th 2018
i) Updated Noomi Rapace plays "Elizabeth Shaw" with a detail from a Noomi interview in Wylde#12

March 13th 2018
i) Added: Alien: Ron Cobb's Snark concept art references the minisub shark and jelly fish from "The Adventures of Tintin And Red Rackhams Treasure"
ii) Added: The Adventures of Tintin and Red Rackham's Treasure cover featuring the shark mini-sub and jelly fish reference Dali's The Painter's Eye (1942) and the Henu Barque?  

March 12th 2018
i) Added AM Cassandre's Diversification (1937)
ii) Added Salvador Dali: Persistence of Memory (1931)
iii) I spent a while trying to develop the 20th century works inspired by the Henu Barque?  page, which also means trying to offer a commentary connecting the various Henu Barques being listed. This seems to be a subject that someone out there might know more about but is keeping it under their hat, but I'm just picking everything up near enough intuitively. So it seems as if I'm making out that there was some sort of a Henu Barque club , or is it a Ministry of Hennu Barks? I have no idea. At this time I suppose that people aspired to the idea of the Egyptian mythology in some way, there might be some sort of a hyperdimensional association to make with it and then again some were not that bothered but liked the idea of integrating symbolism into art for whatever reason, and recognising the continuity might be helpful for creativity, seeing how various people were creatively interpreting the thing and reinterpreting other people's creative intepretations.
iv) Added Ben Wheatley and Aliens which is just a snippet about what the director thought about Aliens as an action movie

March 11th 2018
i) Added Untitled work by Roland Topor looking at its possible connection with the Henu Barque trail via Dali's Portrait of Emilio Terry and the Treasures of Satan trail via Paul Klee's Carnival In The Mountains.
ii) Added: Paul Klee's "Carnival In The Mountains" (1924) exploring its connection with Otto Dix's Skat Players  -  Card Playing War Invalids" (1920) which puts it in the Treasures of Satan Trail
iii) Added: The Death of Socrates (1787) by Jacques-Louis David which oddly references the Henu Barque configuration and so becomes part of that trail and then turns up referenced in later drawings in a seemingly curious way

March 10th 2018
i) Updated the article about The Future Kill poster to encompass some information about the design of the actual suit itself and renamed the page "Future Kill"and Giger's poster artwork

March 9th 2018
i) Added an article about the creation of the Future Kill poster, and this is another one of those based on fragmented statements. I'd obviously love to collate more information to build up a bigger picture of the whole thing even if it makes less sense.

March 8th 2018
i) Had a go at rewriting and adding bits to the article about Danny Boyle and Alien Resurrection. Can I expand it and make any sense out of the additions? Yes, it would be nice to see him say something more about the whole thing or even talk about any of the Alien films. It might be nice to know more about his inner landscape in relation to the Alien movies, if there is anything to say. Obviously it's a writeup made from an accumulation of brief snippets and one wonders if there is a correct way to lay them out and if there is the slightest clue about what he might have done with the movie.

March 4th 2018
i) Added: HR Giger's Biomechanical Landscape II (work 417) (1979)
which appears to reveal itself as being made up from Pollock's "The Moon-Woman Cuts the Circle" merged with Pollock's "Bald Woman with Skeleton" and woman holding a long printout wrapped around Inspector Clouseau's head from a comic book and this might be quite interesting in terms of what this may have resulted in as part of Jim Cameron's Alien Queen design.


February 28th 2018
i) Added a separate for the Worlds Apart poster in Giger's studio. I obviously want one too as a memento from past decades and I want know the identity of the various pictures shown on the poster. I can identify a couple of Dali paintings and one or two Giger compositions as well

February 25th 2018
i) Added: The star map from the tomb of Pharaoh Seti I trail
ii) Added: Panels from Pink Panther #07 comic November 1975
iii) Divided the pages about Chagall's Icarus and Frazetta's Man-Ape into. A while ago I found the official year for Man-Ape rather than just relying on the date of the British release of the Conan The Barbarian book featuring that cover.  See: Chagall's Icarus (1975) and Frank Frazetta's Man-Ape (1967) 

February 22nd 2018
i) Added: Pink Panther #33 published by Gold Key is referenced in Necronom V?
ii) Added: Depictions of the Embalming Ritual
iii) Added: HR Giger: On The Trail Of The Pink Panther
iv) Added:  Does the cover of The Pink Panther comic No.18 reference the Henu Barque?

February 14th 2018
i) Added: Luke Fisher's sculpture of the engineer suit
ii) Added: Matte painting of planetary landscape and dome by Valentin Petrov

February 12th 2018
i) Added: Alien: Prototype jacket for Dallas 
ii) Added: Alien: Portable air lock box
iii) Added: Alien: Dallas' space suit boots
iv) Added: Alien: Chestbursting scene references Tintin and the Picaros

February 11th 2018
i) Re-edited Guillermo Del Toro & Lovecraft's influence on Alien

February 6th 2018
i) Added: Alien V/ "Red Harvest" : Carlos Huante's concept art for alien drones. (I keep calling it Alien Harvest because of the Alien novel by that name, and perhaps I wont be able to stop.) Very thankful to Carlos Huante for sharing his images/
ii) Added another photo of the Shaw corpse and information based on an Odd Studios posting on the page for the Alien Covenant : Elizabeth Shaw corpse. Very thankful to Odd Studios for sharing the image.

January 2018

January 30th 2018
i) Added: HR Giger's Necronom I references "Portrait of Picasso" by Salvador Dali (1947)?
ii) Tidied up Updates-2015 to 2018 putting the record of the months of 2017 into separate sections 
iii) Added: HR Giger's Alien beast Stage III head references Portrait of Picasso by Salvador Dali. I thought that this was interesting thing to realise.
iv) Made a page for 'Portrait of Picasso' by Salvador Dali

January 28th 2018
i) Added: The "Via The Temptation of St Anthony" trail
ii) Added: Alien Covenant : Elizabeth Shaw corpse

January 27th 2018
i) Added: HR Giger's Chiquita (work 190) (1972) which mysteriously enough seems to have something do with the Chiquita bananas, but hopefully a few more things as well.

January 25th 2018
i) Added index page for John Hatt who was a member of the special effects team for Alien and Aliens. News came through from Dennis Lowe that he recently died, which is sad.

January 22nds 2018
i) Added Erotomechanics VIII, work 423 (1979) by HR Giger references Illustration puzzle from Christmas 1974 Radio Times for "I've cracked it" featuring trains and this is quite interesting.

January 21st 2018
i) Added: Alien 3: Ox "bambi burster" head
ii) Added: Aliens: Full sized Alien Queens arms props 
iii) Added: Alien 3: ¼ scale three-piece production casting of the Alien
iv) Added: Alien 3: Prisoner costume
v) Added: Alien 3: Alien creature reference model
vi) Added: Alien 3: Pair of mummies
vii) Added: Aliens: Early Gateway station artwork
viii) Added: Aliens: Xenomorph Egg
ix) Added: Aliens: off-world colony and atmospheric processor exterior by Steve Begg
x) Added: Aliens: Gateway Station matte painting
xi) Added: Alien: Resurrection - Auriga Crew Costume
xii) Added: Aliens: Alien queen leg prop
xiii) Added: Alien 3: Baby alien queen prop
xix) Added: Alien Resurrection: Alien: Resurrection: Alien Newborn skull and skin face casting hard copy (original production material)
xx) Added: Alien 3: Xenomorph Dogburster Head cast original production material
xxi) Added: Alien 3, ADI Alien 3 Rod Puppet Maquette original production material
xxii) Added: Alien 3: Dog Burster Paint Reference Prototype Head original production material
xxiii) Added: Alien 3 Blueprints
xxiv) Added: Alien 3: Bambi Dogburster hero animatronic puppet original movie prop
xxv) Added: Clive Barker and Alien although there isn't much to say there.
xxvi) Added: Alien Resurrection: Sylvain Despretz sticks to his guns

January 18th 2018
i) Continued to work on: Giger's work on Alien 3. It's a mad tangle of things and I'm probably unsure about what I'm writing there anyway since the article is based on different sides of a matter that might as well have as much solidity as wet paper maché with Giger in the past straining to wonder what was going on and Gillis and Woodruff attempting to explain their side of it with perhaps their tongues tide on various things in the past and too much happening for them to comprehend going on in the studios, but I'm thankful that Tom Woodruff and Alec Gillis are happy to talk and paint a picture of their side of this situation that took place, and that the interview with Jaime Praeter in Perfect Organism #75 provided us with a few insights more to this past battle ground. Of course, there still seems to be nothing from David Fincher about what went on.

January 14th 2018
i) Added: Alien Covenant: Mouth burster sack
ii) Added: Concept art for Jodorowsky's Dune showing Duke Leto attempting to poison Baron Harkonnen along with the question about whether it referenced the Henu Barque.
iii) Added: Giger's national park references Concept art for Jodorowsky's Dune
iv) Added: "Jodorowsky vu par Moebius" by Moebius (1999) and this explores it's relationship with the Henu Barque 

January 1st 2018
i)Updated the Alien Production Timeline August 1978 with information from schedule sheets posted on Charles Lippincott's Facebook page

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